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Are you a change agent?

What can you do to improve the health of your community? Read more.

Are you a teaching teacher or a learning leader?

Are you a learning leader?

Do you tell people what to do or do you invite them to follow directions? Read more.

Weight management strategies.

What is food?

Is food fuel for the body or do you use it as a reward for self and others? Read more.

Activated nuts.

Remember to soak your nuts.

All nuts contain anti nutrients which need to be removed.. Read more.

Activated nuts.

Points to ponder.

Some interesting tips on health and diet. Read more.

Activated nuts.

How to find the fat truth?

Why has saturated fat been demonised? Is omega 6 the real baddy? Read more.

mediterranean diet.

Is the Mediterranean Diet the answer?

What are the experts not telling you about the Mediterranean Diet? Read more.


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They tell us eggs raise Cholesterol yet...

“An 88-year-old man consumed 24 soft-boiled eggs a day for 15 years. Scientists found that despite a cholesterol intake close to 6,000 mg a day – well above the recommended maximum of 300 mg – the man had normal blood cholesterol and showed no signs of heart disease.” Source: Edward Blonz PPNF Health Journal quoted in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon p444.


Chemotherapy Fails

“My studies have proved conclusively that untreated cancer victims live up to four times longer than treated individuals. If one has cancer and opts to do nothing at all, he will live longer and feel better than if he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, other than when used in immediate life-threatening situations."---Prof Jones.
“According to the National Cancer Institute, about one-third of all cancer deaths are related to malnutrition.” Source: Cancer Treatment Centres of America. http://www.naturalstandard.com/ Database on natural cancer therapies for health professionals.


Animal Fats Protect

"Animal fats contain many nutrients that protect against cancer and heart disease; elevated rates of cancer and heart disease are associated with consumption of large amounts of vegetable oils." (Fed Proc July 1978 37:2215) Source: Weston A Price brochure.

Make Food Your Medicine

"In an experiment at Hotel Dieu Hospital Paris, Dr F. Magendie, chief physician, gave half of his patients no medicine, the rest the usual medical treatment. Those on ‘Food and home remedies’ all got well without a single death, while those receiving medical treatment the expected number of deaths occurred." Source: Quoted in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon p445.


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