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Cravings for sweet foods banished.

"My problem was that after three kids I had begun to stack on the weight and I had constant sugar cravings. So about five days ago I had a hypnotherapy session with Abby Eagle.

Anyway, since then my sugar cravings have diminished by 90%. And the amazing thing is that I have not had to use any will power or concentration.

It's absolutely amazing. If I want a snack I just eat a raw carrot. The change is that fantastic."Lavinia Rampino, Gold Coast, Australia.

Weight Loss Gold Coast Hypnotherapy

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Healthy recipes, food sourcing and nutritional information based on traditional diets studied by Weston A. Price. Come join me and I will guide you through a journey of health with recipes, photos, diet advice, food sourcing, and cooking classes. I love to cook and share my nutritional knowledge. I have many traditional recipes including raw dairy kefir, lacto-fermented vegetables, sourdough, kombucha, and many more nutrient-rich foods. Lorraine (18/06/2010 y)

The Hungry Wife recipe site. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and writing up the recipes on my site. (20/10/2010 nyc)

Organic Meals Delivered Choose from over 2,000 recipes and have our organic meals delivered right to you. (16/02/2012 y)












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