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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Abby Eagle Traditional Nutrition Directory?

This Directory has been set up with the purpose to promote anything and everything that is related to traditional nutrition, whether that be information, products or services. Most importantly this includes the Weston A Price Foundation and their volunteer Chapter Leaders who work to share information with people in their local community. It includes organic, biodynamic, chemical free farming, community gardens, farmers markets and sources of traditional foods and beverages. It also includes those health care professionals who are in alignment with the above.


Where to find my Directory Listing Link?

You can find your web page address by visiting the page then checking the URL in the browser address bar. It will look something like:


how to locate link



How to place your Directory Listing link in Facebook?

By copying and pasting the Directory Listing Link to your website, blog, Facebook page or other social networking sites it will help your web page rank higher in the search results. Whenever there is the opportunity you should use the web page link to promote your Directory Listing. As you can see in the image below all you do is paste the link onto your wall and hit the 'Enter' button. Facebook will then give you a choice of images to display. To finish just click on 'Post'. Next step is to invite your friends to comment and 'Like' your posting.

how top post webpage on facebook


I tried to make a payment but changed my mind and then the page got stuck.

If you change your mind about making the payment when you get to the payment page and then on returning to the Directory you find that you can't click through the pages just send an email to Admin so that we can reset your membership.


Can I add a new Category?

To suggest a new category just send us an email. We will consider all suggestions.


How to claim a listing?

  1. Register for a Basic Membership.
  2. Click on the listing that you want to claim. If you have the same email address as is in the listing then when you click on the button it should automatically associate it with your account. If your email address has changed then you will need to contact admin.


How to upload images and delete images from the gallery?

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on 'My Directory Listings'. Choose the listing and click on 'Edit'.
  3. Scroll to the bottom until you see 'My Attachments'.
  4. Click on 'Select File'. A dialogue box should open in your file manager. Select the image file and click on 'Open' or 'Save'.
  5. The image will uploaded to the Directory and show a thumb nail image. If your Listing Package allows it then click on the 'Select File' button once again to upload another image.
  6. If you upload the wrong image then click on 'Back' in your browser to refresh the page and start again, otherwise you will need to go through the process of deleting the image.
  7. Once you have finished selecting the images, check the 'Terms and Conditions' then click on 'Continue' and 'Continue' once again.
  • Images should all be the same width so that they display neatly.
  • Suggested image dimensions: 640px x 480px.
  • Images will automatically be resized in the gallery to approx 200px wide.
  • File extensions: jpg, jpeg, gif, png.


Optimise your Directory Listing for the Search Engines (SEO Tips)

The Title Field: use specific keywords in the title, for example. "Stop smoking NLP Hypnotherapy, Gold Coast, Australia.

The Tagline Field: this field may be used to add keyword phrases, for example. Empowering you to empower others using the technology of NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Meditation.

The Short Description Field: give a short description of your Listing using a variety of keyword terms and phrases, for example. "NLP Hypnotherapy Meditation Gold Coast Australia. Quit smoking cigarettes, marijuana, weight loss, binge eating, eating disorders, anger management, heal trauma, PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks, problem drinking, etc."

The Full Description Field: give all the information about your product and services that you think a prospective customer might want to know. Expand upon the Short Description field.

Using a variety of keywords and search terms will help your Listing gain greater visibility on the search results page. Make sure you include plenty of details about your services and products.

Business name, contact name, phone numbers and address details should be entered into the fields under the full description.

Using a variety of keywords and search terms will help your Listing gain greater visibility on the search results page. Make sure you include business name, contact name, phone numbers, address, and details of services and products. If you have customer testimonials then include these as well. Provide as much information as you need, and then some more, to get the customer motivated to contact you.

The Tags/Keywords Field: tags are keywords that can be used to give your Listing greater exposure in the Search Engines and to get your Listing cross indexed in the Directory. For example, if you are a member of any professional associations then add them as a tag. If you provide a number of services then add these as tags. Tags need to be separated by a comma as follows: "stop smoking, quit smoking, smoking cessation, weight loss, problem drinking, anger management,"


If you get stuck just send us an email stating clearly and specifically what the problem is and what you want to accomplish.


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