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Testimonials For Raw Milk

Abby Eagle JossMackinnon Neville Walters
Alan Petrillo Judy Williams Shawn Dady
Ann Bekins Judy Williams bone density Shane Simonsen
Heather Sullivan Jill Howard Tracey Rollison
Jason Richards Laura Turner Selena Templeton
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Presenting Problem
"Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), constipation, bleeding piles, a protruding hemorrhoid that was going to need some type of operation, dry skin, food cravings, low energy and so on. I had these problems for 10-20 years."

"I had tried the low fat, high carb diet for 10 years. I was obsessed with food. While eating a meal of tofu, heaped with brown rice and veggies, all I could think about was what I could eat next. I knew I was missing something in my life or my diet. Every now and then I would lose my discipline and drive 10 km at 10:00pm to buy a family size cheese cake or bucket of ice-cream, which I would devour in one sitting.

At Christmas and on my birthday I would buy a tub of cream to have with a piece of cake. I would invariably eat all the cream in one day, and feel guilty about the harm I may be doing to my body.

Working as a NLP practitioner and hypnotist I knew about communicating with the body but my conscious mind beliefs overrode what my body was really trying to tell me: I needed fat.

I tried being a raw food Vegan twice. Once after 9 months I thought I might die so I sought help from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner who suggested, to my horror, that I eat cooked food and drink milk. Much to my surprise my health improved, but I still persevered with the low fat, high carb, raw food, vegetarian type mind set.

I ate as much fibre as a cow and yet I still suffered from constipation and bleeding piles. What finally worked was following the principles of a traditional diet as per Dr Weston A Price and Sally Fallon. I started with kefiring raw milk and cream, and adding raw butter to my diet.

Then over 12 months I slowly introduced animal products and animal fats; made gelatinous broth's from fish, chicken and beef bones; ate much less fruit and vegetables, and ate much less fibre; removed cereals; ate much less rice and legumes; eliminated tofu;I made my own sourdough bread, cakes and fruit pies; made sauerkraut, ginger beer, Kombucha tea and so on.

Without a doubt the kefired raw milk and cream made the biggest improvement to my health. Over the first month I ate nearly 1 litre of kefired cream each week. After limiting myself to 10 mls of olive oil per day for years, you can see that my body wanted to replenish its supplies of fat soluble vitamins.

Over a couple of months the constipation and bleeding piles healed; the fissure/external hemorrhoid healed totally so that I no longer required surgery; white sun spots on my legs disappeared; dry skin was replaced with skin as smooth and supple as a baby; my failing vision improved and I found I was able to spend a day in front of a computer screen as opposed to a few hours each day; I feel stronger, have more energy and no longer have the light headed feeling from a low fat high carbohydrate diet; and my food cravings have totally disappeared.

After 18 months of starting the traditional diet I had a medical checkup. The results: urine clear, blood good and heart in top condition."

Abby Eagle, Palm Beach Qld Australia
Meditation teacher and seminar presenter.


Presenting Problem
"Recurring spells of: asthma, hay fever, sinus problems, itchy red eyes for 20 years."

"As a kid I was caught under an aerial chemical dump, some form of pesticide we assume. In the following weeks I contracted a severe case of bronchial asthma. It seems I never really recovered and would suffer periodic bouts of asthma and related symptoms, such as hay fever, sinus problems and red, swollen itchy eyes.

Over the years I visited several doctors, and always received some form of ventolin, antihistamine etc., which eased the symptoms, but never cured the problem. I also visited a homeopathic doctor but without success.

A year ago I started intensive research into the effects of diet on health. This lead me on a journey from a cleansing fruitarian diet over several months to a diet similar to the one advocated by the Weston A Price foundation, albeit with the absence of meat. This includes primarily organic, locally-grown whole foods, traditionally prepared.

Perhaps the single greatest change to my health has been through the constant use of kefir, cultured from organic pasture-fed unpasteurised milk. Last year was my first asthma free year since childhood. My skin is softer, healthier. I eat less during the day and no longer crave alcohol. Colds and flu no longer seem interested in me. The one downside is I no longer seem to be able to find anything to eat at conventional supermarkets, restaurants etc. A small price to pay I say..."

Jason Richards Age: 31. Software Engineer
Elanora, Gold Coast, 4221 Australia


Presenting Problem
"1. Fatigue spectrum disorder for 21 years.
2. Fibromyalgia for 6 years.
3. Severe gut dysmotility for 12 years."

"I tried orthodox medicine including nutritional and environmental medicine, endocrinologists, gastrologists, rheumatologists, physicians, psychiatrist, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractor, Chinese medicine.....

Gluten/dairy and sugar free diet helped irritable bowel syndrome. STEROIDS nearly killed me! Was unable to get off cortisone for four and a half years. Suffered from secondary adrenal insufficiency with Addisonian crises necessitating many emergency room sessions. Intravenous and oral Vitamin C eventually helped my adrenals kick start again...

Nutritional supplements have assisted me but I have an excellent doctor guiding me with these. I believe it is a waste of time and money to just select supplements based on reading and recommendation.

Working with my food source has been very beneficial for me. Understanding what foods are correct for me has been important. Including more animal protein in my diet has really assisted in slowing down my catabolism (muscle wastage) proven on BMI tests.

One food that has been outstandingly relevant to my healing is RAW DAIRY. I ferment natural unprocessed milk and make kefir milk. I drink at least one cup per day. This has improved my Fibromyalgia pain without a doubt. I have challenged the kefir and gone off it for 2 weeks, and the Fibromyalgia has returned with a vengeance! Once I add the kefir back in, the pain reduces again. Added to kefir, I consume raw butter and raw cream and find my energy levels have improved over a period of 11 months. I am unable to absorb fats (proven on tests) and being able to supplement with natural saturated animal fats assists my dry and cracked skin.

Estimated money spent- at least $3000 per year in the past 8 years along with private health insurance and Medicare levy when able to work.

The level of health I have achieved so far, I believe is permanent."

Judy Williams Age: over 50. Retired.
Clayfield, Queensland 4011 Australia


Presenting Problem
"Bladder infections, eczema, early onset of arthritis. First 2 problems since teens, arthritis for 6 years."

"For bladder infections, antibiotics worked, but problem always came back. For eczema, used topical steroid cream called Halog, and semi-worked but did not cure the underlying problem, for arthritis, hadn't tried anything.

For all three the time and energy spent was a lot, for the antibiotics and Halog cream, oh hundreds of dollars.

Raw milk, raw cream, raw butter and raw milk kefir and yogurt cleared up all three problems completely. The results are permanent.

Raw dairy is a super health food and should never be kept back from the public access."

Shawn Dady
Age: 38 Occupation: Homemaker
Brentwood TN 37027 USA


Presenting Problem
"Reflux/GERD, which led to globus esophagitis, and proctitis, which looked like the beginnings of Crohn's disease. Also, chronic constipation. How long? Reflux/GERD, most of my adult life. Proctitis about 6 months. Chronic constipation all of my life, even as a little boy."

"My GI put me on medication, Protonix, for the GERD, even though he said it might make the proctitis worse, and anti-inflammatory suppositories for the proctitis. He said to see if that did any good, and when I came back we'd discuss putting me on a low fat diet. I found this alarming, because I'd already been on a low fat diet for the best part of 15 years.

I spent several thousand dollars of my insurance company's money, and over a thousand of my own, on diagnostic imaging and doctor bills.

A friend of mine introduced me to the Weston A. Price foundation, and the idea of a native diet, with natural, minimally processed foods, lots of fat, and, most notably, raw milk and raw dairy foods from grass fed cattle.

I cut out processed foods, and I found a source of raw milk and dairy products. I started eating lots of good healthy fats, and taking a few supplements. My diet of good, natural foods, especially raw dairy, combined with probiotic and mineral supplements solved my problems.

I do still have flare-ups about every 6 months or so, but the problems are not constant as they once were, and usually go away without meds.

As a side effect of this, I don\'t get cold anymore. I used to be VERY cold blooded, to the point of having cold feet even in the summer time. No longer. Now my jacket spends almost all of its time in my closet, and I usually wear sandals, even in the coldest of weather.

In my opinion, these results are probably permanent, as long as I continue avoiding processed foods, and eating good healthy fats, and especially raw milk, butter, cream, and cheese."

Alan Petrillo
Age: 39 Occupation: Pilot
St. Petersburg Florida 33702 USA


Presenting Problem
"Constant Stomach Cramps. How_long: My Whole Life"

"I sought help from everywhere, doctors, naturopaths, Chinese medicine, herbalist, acupuncture, and so on. I tried all the special diets and medicine and nothing worked. My Aunty finally got me eating organic. And I am now eating anything I like, as long as it's organic and I no longer live in constant pain.

The results are definitely permanent. I live, eat, and breath organically as much as I can, and there's no turning back.

Since the new law has been passed regarding banning the sale of raw milk I can no longer enjoy it in my diet. As you would be aware the pasteurisation takes away the enzymes that aids the body to digest it.

Seriously, how can we say we live in a FREE COUNTRY when the Government takes away our freedom of choice. I am OUTRAGED to say the least, that the Milk Board is able to enforce their beliefs as to what they consider ‘healthy’, on to all Australians, or should I say their control. I had never in my whole life felt as good as I felt drinking raw milk.

Something has got to be done for us Australians that choose ‘organic’, so that I can drink and provide my kids milk, the way I believe it should be, the way I need it and THE CHOICE, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE. I leave you with a simple question, “Why?” "

Heather Sullivan Age: 21
Accounts Clerk/Business Owner
07 3397 1935
Coorparoo Qld 4151 Australia

"The absolute best hot cocoa I've ever had was made with raw, unpasteurised milk."

Jill Howard
Computer Programmer

Presenting problem
"Allergies, chronic sinus infections, chronic athlete's foot, insulin dependent diabetes
How_long: Sinus infections: all my life
Diabetes: 10 years Athlete's foot infections: Since diabetes developed."

Testimony "Nutritionists: recommended very low fat, whole grains, no red meat, lots of soy.
I did just what they told me about 15 years ago: ate lots of brown rice and soy, lots of fruit, exercised vigorously (karate) for 10 hours per week. That's when I developed diabetes. Supposedly I was doing the very things they say will prevent diabetes!

I was very frustrated trying to control diabetes on a high carb diet. Nutritionists were clueless, they couldn't believe the low fat diet was not the answer.

Three years ago I found the Weston Price information and started really following natural, traditional foods, like those I grew up with. We were never sick while I was growing up, and we lived on wild game, fish and shellfish caught by my family or commercially wild-caught, vegetables from our garden. Some from the store too, of course, and white bread, but still...

I have been more carefully following this way of eating for two years, as best I could, and my immune system improved dramatically. A year ago I found a source for raw Jersey dairy, grassfed eggs, chickens. I already had a source for grassfed organic meats. I make homemade sourdough bread, sauerkraut, pickles, all recipes from my mother and grandmother. I use organic fruits and vegetables, some of which I am growing myself on my apartment balcony! I make bone broth's and have them daily. I drink/eat about 3-4 cups of raw milk and 1-2 ounces of raw cheese daily, some of the milk made into kefir, and I use raw butter. Usually I have meat/poultry/or fish one meal daily since through dairy and eggs I get protein, much of it raw. I have a daily salad and lots of vegetables, fruits in season. I was brought up eating raw eggs (in salad dressings, etc.) and very rare meat, so that was easy to continue.

I have not had a cold or flu, nor any yeast-type infections such as athlete\'s foot for two years, although the infections used to be chronic and I got colds/flu three or more times a year. This is an amazing improvement considering that diabetes is considered to damage the immune system.

The diabetes still is a challenge to control with insulin, and I am still fighting with my doctor who wants me on blood pressure pills and Lipitor, but it's my opinion that eating foods that nourished our ancestors for thousands of years instead of fake crap food that\s only good for the marketers can only help me. My doctor does say I control my diabetes better than 80-90% of diabetics. I am also now dealing with menopause with herbs and natural remedies and that seems to be helping.

My mother is a wonderful cook, and she is working on following many of these same principles, although they still drink a little low-fat pasteurized milk. She and my father therefore are very healthy and active in their late 70's."

Ann Bekins
Age: 51
Occupation: H.R. Assistant

Presenting problem
"Multiple diagnosed allergies so bad my pediatrician though I had Cystic Fibrosis, until the diagnosis. 80 classes of molds alone. Eventually the stress made me so tired I needed 12 hours of sleep a night and had to take more and more medications; most steroid inhalers."

"Since birth, my mother was unable to nurse me. At 2 was when I was tested for CF; at 8 was finally diagnosed. At 12 we started drinking raw milk and my symptoms slowly decreased, but we thought I was outgrowing the allergies. I drank it until I went to college at 18, and then the symptoms slowly returned. They exploded about 7 years later, and from then on I was constantly sick and gradually weakening. When I was 31, I nearly died when I developed a new allergy to something in Indian Pickle. When my allergist did another patch test to try to figure it out, he discovered a whole new crop of allergies."

"After years of "avoidance" therapy combined with inhaled steroids, antihistamines, etc. my parents and then I had spent tens of thousands of dollars, and I was still so unhealthy I could barely hold a job. I was a walking Petrie dish and got sick with everything that came along.

I also had tried chiropractic, massage therapy, homeopathy, and various herbs. Some of these things helped a little but didn't solve the problem.

Then, when I was 36, we moved to a new area. Through the grapevine I found out about a farm that was going to start selling cow-shares I remembered how much I'd loved the raw milk I'd had growing up, and wanted my kids to enjoy it, too. I was their first cow-share owner, and I've sent many other people there since.

My mother was very concerned about my choice (my kids were 1.5 and 4 at the time) even though she'd been the one to make the same choice for me. It was because she'd read some false information widely distributed when she was a girl by the dairy industry . So I got online and discovered the website, and read the real facts about it.

This was during October, during a time when my allergies are pretty quiet. The next spring I thought there must not be much pollen; the same for the summer. The next winter I went to visit a friend who owns several cats and dogs in an old, dusty house in an area full of pine woods, four of my top 10 most severe allergies. Due to a scheduling error she'd invited more friends than she had beds for, and I ended up on the couch. I'd been having so little trouble with allergies I'd long since stopped taking my inhalers, and didn't have a Claritin or Ventolin inhaler with me. I was terrified I was going to end up being rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night.

I had not even a nose twitch or hint of wheezing. That winter was abnormally cold, but my daughter's eczema was gone. That spring people told me was horrible for allergy sufferers. I didn't know until someone told me. That summer was one of the worst on record for ragweed, but I didn't find out until October when someone mentioned it to me.

At this point I can stand multiple exposures to several allergens at once with not a hint of a problem. I am almost never sick; when I am, I fight it off quickly (like within a few hours). I lost weight (not entirely due to the milk, but at least 10 lbs of it was); I need about 2/3 the sleep I used to need, and some of my beginning cavities even recalcified according to my dentist. I have as much energy as I did at 18, and I get carded a lot.

I don't believe the results are permanent, based on past experience. I know that as the cells in my body nourished on raw milk die, my symptoms will gradually return, as they did in the past. So I must have raw milk. It now dictates where we can live."

Tracey Rollison
Age: 39
IN 46235 USA

"1. Female - aged 57. Had been osteopenic (almost osteoporotic) for 6 years. Not taking any form of medication or supplements to improve bone density. Bone density testing this year shows "normal" bone density. Using raw dairy products and cod liver oil since February 2003.

2. Female - aged 56. Been on permanent steroid intake for 10 years since brain surgery damaged pituitary. Bone density testing earlier this year shows improvement in bone density measurement. Using raw dairy products and cod liver oil since February 2003. (Note. Using long term steroids is known to reduce bone density and is a reason that Medicare fully covers a bone density test)."


Judy Williams Age: over 50. Retired.
Clayfield, Queensland 4011 Australia
Mon 5/07/2004 3:36 PM

Presenting Problem
"Coeliac, that is gluten in wheat, rye, oats, yeast in bread and not able to tolerate dairy products. Villi in intestines lie flat, food is undigested, etc. I had these problems for sixty years."

"I was diagnosed at the age of five years in 1944 when little was known . Most of my childhood I was ill. In the year 2003 I read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon from cover to cover. Having nothing to lose, I wholeheartedly ate unpasteurised cream and butter and the difference has been astounding for my health. For the first time ever, I feel satisfied having eaten a normal meal. I now know that with the unpasteurised cream and butter all my food is digested. I have communicated this to many other coeliacs and people with irritable bowel syndrome, and also many others who have wheat allergies. My health is so good that in 2003 I walked the Camino trail from France to Santiago in Spain, and this year a distance in Austria ; all up a total of 2,380 kms. I am a grandmother and found walking in France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland that unpasteurised cheese, cream, butter and milk is sold freely. It is their tradition, which the Swiss subsidise for their organic farmers. My small backpack was carrying their traditional unpasteurised cheese day after day without ever being refrigerated prior to eating -- and my health flourished with walking an average of 24 kms per day.

For me and others, it is essential for our well being to purchase freely unpasteurised cream, milk and butter. I might add that prior to four years of age, that was all my family had. Once milk was pasteurised -- BIG problems. Thank you for this opportunity to have my say in this democratic country."

Jocelyn Helen Mackinnon (Joss)
Beechmont Qld Australia
June 2004

"By virtue of the circumstances of my upbringing, I was fortunate enough to be able to secure farm fresh jersey milk until I left home at eighteen. This also included freshly separated cream and at times, home made butter churned from it. To this point in time I had never heard of, let alone experienced any digestive problems associated with the consumption of milk or other dairy products. However, with the change to pasteurised commercial milk necessitated by leaving home, not only did I notice substantial taste change, (which at the time I attributed to pasteurisation) but I found that I suffered indigestion and bloating after drinking a milkshake, eating a plateful of cereal with milk or just drinking a glass of plain milk.

Milk shakes from shops had always been a bit of a problem which I had attributed to having malt added, but home use of fresh milk and cream had never upset me. Since then, my consumption of milk has been limited to a minimal amount with breakfast cereal and in coffee and tea.

Marriage and the arrival of four children extended this situation with all suffering digestive upset and diagnosis of "lactose intolerance" from our local GP. To cut a long story short, my wife eventually was told of a source of fresh jersey milk (which unbelievably could not be sold for human consumption). My first glass of this" UNSAFE", sterling produced, refrigerated product brought memories flooding back via the wonderful sweet, creamy taste. My wife and children were astounded at the taste difference. Most noticeable of all though has been the immediate and complete disappearance of digestive upset from all of us.

Our problem now is that because of political persecution, the cost of this product is so high that I cannot afford to buy enough of it for us to use other than watered down in our breakfast cereal. I can cheaply and freely purchase all manner of caffeine, sugar, flavours and colour added drinks but this wonderful food of nature is made expensive, illegal, black-market contraband. I protest this vigorously!"

Neville Walters
Palm Beach Qld Australia
June 2004

Presenting Problem
Sinusitis, Acne. How_long: Lifelong.

"Suffered constant runny nose and quite bad acne while a teenager. After figuring out that artificial colours were contributing to the latter I went off dairy as an experiment. Within 24 hours the constant sinus which had plagued me all my life was gone. I have avoided dairy ever since (noticing such things as preparing processed cheese for others made my fingers itch). On a recent trip to Europe was convinced to try some local (unpasteurised) cheese and ate it heartily the whole week I was there, with absolutely zero effect.

I am experimenting with "European" cheeses again here, and seem to only have minor reactions, so it may be manageable. Access to local unpasteurised dairy would be a godsend though....give the dairy conglomerates hell! You guys are doing a great job."

Shane Simonsen Age: 26
Brisbane Queensland
4000 Australia

"My friend lives in California, but she was very concerned about the situation in Wisconsin, so she sent in the letter/testimonial, below. She really went through hell with breast cancer a few years ago, and has made amazing changes in her diet since. She's happy to share this letter with others." Rachel C. Adler

"Dear Barbara Gronemus,

I am writing to you in regards to the farms in Wisconsin that have been fighting a legal battle with this state for nearly 3 years over the sale of raw dairy products.

Let me just say this. I am a university-educated, 32 year-old woman who has been drinking organic certified raw Grade A whole milk for four months now. Exclusively. No pasteurized or homogenized milk at all. The reason I started was out of desperation to cease my menopausal symptoms (induced as part of my post breast cancer therapy), having not found any other solution to the maddening hot flashes and night sweats. (Really, how many times can a person change her pajamas in the middle of the night?) After a week or two of 1-2 glasses of certified raw whole milk per day, I noticed that my hot flashes decreased dramatically. To the point where I would go half a day before thinking, "My god! I haven't burst into sweaty flames for a while now!" At one point I ran out of raw milk and for two days drank pasteurized whole milk, and before I knew it I was flashing and sweating again. I immediately put aside my laziness and drove out to the one store I knew sold raw milk, and within a day or two the menopausal symptoms all but disappeared again.

About a month later when I ran out of the raw milk again I ran next door to the very convenient convenience store and bought a small container of pasteurized milk and before I knew it, my face was turning bright red and sweat was rolling down my forehead as a hot flash took over my body (these hot flashes were coming on about three to six times per hour all day). The only change to my otherwise natural, whole food diet was the milk, so once again I put aside my laziness and drove out to buy raw milk, and again, the hot flashes and night sweats petered out to a minimum. And if this wasn't enough to thoroughly convince me, about a month and a half later this happened again, which proved to me for the final time the nutritional and even therapeutic benefits of organic certified raw Grade A whole milk (and each of these adjectives is important).

Even if you remain skeptical about the supposed therapeutic effects of raw milk, let the fact that I am still alive and haven't become violently ill assure you that raw milk is 100% safe to drink.

Please consider my testimonial and allow the Wisconsin farmers to continue to sell raw milk to those that wish to buy it. At least let the people have the choice. After all, isn't freedom of choice the best part about living in this country?"

Selena Templeton

Submitted by
Rachel C. Adler

Presenting Problem: First child had colic for 3 months. Second child had colic for 3 weeks.

Testimony: "Had heard about the homemade baby formula in the nourishing traditions book by Sally Fallon. It requires raw milk that is from grass fed cow. Colic was gone within days and baby is so happy. Now my niece is starting the formula. It is hard to find a dairy source due to the laws. Hope to get the laws changed. "

Laura Turner


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