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Weight Loss Tips Menu


1. Positive Thinking for Weight Loss.
P/S to D/O model.
Well formed outcome questions.
Task Sheet.

2. Food Not Food.
See the, What is Food notes.

3. Build an Attitude.
Sugar is poison. I don’t eat that.
Look at sugary food then think of dog poo.
Shift mind across to desired outcomes.

4. Understanding Food Cravings. What they mean.
Low fat diet.
WheatBix and banana. Low fat yogurt. Bacon and eggs.
Chocolate cravings.

5. Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss.
Ask your Unconscious Mind.
Demonstrate with hypnosis pendulum.

6. The Biggest Secret to Weight Loss.
Copy a diet of traditional groups.

7. Easy Exercise for Weight Loss.
Park the car further away.
Take the stairs.
Carry the groceries.






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