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Some of the images listed below have been used on the following websites:

It is not always possible or easy to include the copyright information with the image so I have added this list to my website to demonstrate to the photographers that my intentions are always to do my best to give due credit to the source.

Image: How Now (BW image of cow.) ID #831296_10688436 (c) Dan Shirley
Image: How Now (Colour) ID # 844382_79088320 Dan Shirley
Image: Wholemeal Roll3 ID #791207_28551078 (c) Steve Woods
Image: Bakerman making bread ID #558176_91840956 (c) Toberto Tostes
Image: Food ID #568568_76513161 (c) Robson Oliveira
Image: Granville Island Market ID #490721_33298586 (c) Wilf Ratzburg
Image: Good Hands ID #296925_9410 (c) Sue Kinzelman
Image: Food Fest ID # 214163_5987 (c) Michal Zacharzewski
Image: Pressing dough ID #683767_86588394 (c) Peter Galbraith (Email permission)

Image: Pizza ID #824588_73893901 (c) Anna Tunska
Image: Bahia - Brazil 2 ID #95040_5218 (c) Marcelo dos Santos
Image: Coconut and Beach2 ID #598633_15231227 (c) Piotr Bizior

Image: Papaya1 ID #807056_41553581 (c) Darlene Sanguenza (Emailed re use of the image.)
Image: A Fat Beetroot ID # (c) Denise Hunter
Image: Cattle ID #843923_17076032 (c) Richard Dudley

Image: Pineapple ID: 28616_8563 (c) Julia Eisenberg

Image: Landscapes 5 ID: 853888 Landscapes from Peru/Bolivia (c) Caetano Lacerda
Image: Landscapes1 (Landscapes from Peru/Bolivia) ID: 853884 (c) Caetano Lacerda
Image: Beach 2 (Beach - Fernando de Noronha) ID: 785078 (c) Caetano Lacerda
Image: Look at the hands (little buddha, Chiang Mai, Thailand) ID: 862109 (c) Joachim Bär
Image: Hungry (butterlfy near Chiang Mai, northern Thailand) ID: 862151 (c) Joachim Bär
Image: Sunset 1 ID (c) 866769 Jesuino Souza
Image: Lotus ID: 738046 (c) Jin Neoh

Image: New York Shots 3 ID: 462697 (C) Egidio Bacigalupi (email re use)
Image: NYC Shots 3 ID: 462672 (C) Egidio Bacigalupi (email re use)
Image: New York Shots 14 ID: 462689 (C) Egidio Bacigalupi (email re use)
Image: Lion (lion in South Africa) ID: 461732 (c) Helmut Wattrott

Image: Stormseeker (Punta Cometa in Mazunte, Mexico) ID #863007 (c) Gerardo Cotera
Image: Glimpse of Light ID #858736 (c) Isaac Bowen
Image: Tropical Sunset ID #853509 (c) Lynne Lancaster (Need to notify of use. Send hard copy if possible.)
Image: Beach 1 ID #846258 (c) Rachael Towne (Need to notify of use)
Image: Sun Flare and Clouds ID #415773 (c) Lori Morris
Image: Monochromatic Sunset 3 ID #835057 (c) Lori Morris

Image: Drink ID: 889286 (c) Ajay Singh | Agency StockXchng Notify of use. Sent email 10/11/2007

Image: Pineapple ID: #484674 (c) Mateusz ?danko | StockXchnge (Email re use.)
Image: Grapes ID: 841413 (c) Meliha Gojak | StockXchnge
Image: Ginger ID: 192205 (c) P. R. | StockXchnge
Image: Healthy bite 3 ID: (c) sanja gjenero | StockXchnge

Image: Butterflies3 ID: #613181 (c) Margan Zajdowicz | Stock Xchnge (Notify re use) Sent email 29/11/2007
Image: Butterflies4 ID: #613183 (c) Margan Zajdowicz | Stock Xchnge (Notify re use) Sent email 29/11/2007
Image: Butterfly (Butterfly snacking on delicious flowers) ID: # 610272 (c) John Boyer | Stock Xchnge
Image: Butterfly ID: #610273 (c) John Boyer | Stock Xchnge
Image: Blue Swallowtails 2 ID: #583946 (c) Sarah Michelle Digh | Stock Xchnge
Image: Butterfly ID: #574487 (c) Torli Roberts | Stock Xchnge
Image: Buddha eyes (The eyes of Buddha at a temple in Kathmandu, Nepal) ID: #834716 (c) Sharell Cook | Stock Xchnge
Image: Meditating Giant6 ID:#888650 (c) Gail Harper | Stock Xchnge (Notify of use)
Image: Buddha (Nice buddha statue) ID: #109811 (c) asasa sasas | Stock Xchnge

Image: Christmas gift #912518 (c) Meliha Gojak | Stock Xchnge

Image: Love #938356 (c) Gabriella Fabbri | Stock Xchnge
Image: Star Flower 1 ID #663328 (c) Marcelo Terraza | Stock Xchnge

Image: business_buddha ID: 21649 (c) Chris Scott | StockXchnge
Image: True Happiness InnerPeace 2 ID:919562 (c) Tosaporn Boonyarangkul | StockXchnge
Imgage: Misa ID:886341 (c) Narcis Parfenti | StockXchng Notify when using image.
Image: Frangipani Pink ID271373 (c) Donna Mac | StockXchnge
Image: Lotus ID692423 (c) William George | StockXchnge

Image: Card Payment ID: 708711 Steve Woods | StockXchnge






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