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NLP Weight Loss Tips

1. Positive Thinking for Weight Loss.
P/S to D/O model.
Well formed outcome questions.
Task Sheet.

2. Food Not Food.
See the, What is Food notes.

3. Build an Attitude.
Sugar is poison. I don’t eat that.
Look at sugary food then think of dog poo.
Shift mind across to desired outcomes.

4. Understanding Food Cravings. What they mean.
Low fat diet.
WheatBix and banana. Low fat yogurt. Bacon and eggs.
Chocolate cravings.

5. Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss.
Ask your Unconscious Mind.
Demonstrate with hypnosis pendulum.

6. The Biggest Secret to Weight Loss.
Copy a diet of traditional groups.

7. Easy Exercise for Weight Loss.
Park the car further away.
Take the stairs.
Carry the groceries.


Points To Ponder

Remember to soak your nuts. All grains, cereals, nuts, seeds and legumes contain phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors which needs to be removed before consumption. This will improve the nutritional benefits.

Kefir your milk and get free vitamins. Kefir is a natural probiotic culture that has been used traditionally to culture milk and cream.

Meat broth or antacids? Why is chicken soup called the Jewish penicillin? It is because chicken, meat and fish broths provide rich nutrition from cartilage and marrow, and the minerals in the bone.

Which Fats Protect Against Heart Disease? Before 1920 heart disease was rare in America but by 1950 it was the leading cause of death. Today heart disease accounts for 40% of all deaths in America

Are the experts right about weight loss? Eat more fatty meat, fish, chicken and eggs? Eat more saturated fats; coconut oil and cream, palm oil, butter, lard, tallow and suet?

Laugh your way to God. Those people who sit at a desk all day will find it nearly impossible to sit quietly in meditation without suppressing the body. The answer is to use an active meditation technique that gives the body, mind and voice the freedom to express.

Eggs don't raise cholesterol. “An 88-year-old man consumed 24 soft-boiled eggs a day for 15 years. Scientists found that despite a cholesterol intake close to 6,000 mg a day – well above the recommended maximum of 300 mg – the man had normal blood cholesterol and showed no signs of heart disease.”

Just ask for a kiss. Try adding some cream to your next vegie or fruit juice.

Weston A Price Brochure Traditional Nutrition as per the research of Dr Weston A Price.

Oil Pulling - Salt water seems to be just as effective.


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