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Traditional Nutrition Resources


Put your trust in traditional nutrition...


Forget what the glossy magazines tell you about nutrition and...

Learn How To Cook The Way Grandma Did

Traditional recipes in the spirit of Dr Weston A Price and Sally Fallon

Surprise your friends and family:

Now you can learn how to bake sourdough bread and cakes - culture real sauerkraut and get all of its protective benefits - turn store-bought milk into nutritious kefir - culture simple cheese, and nut and seed cheese - brew lacto-fermented probiotic rich beverages such as wheatgrass ginger beer and real beer...

Why shell out hard earned money on expensive probiotic supplements when you can brew your own?


In this 146 page recipe book you will learn:

kefir grains recipes How to use kefir grains to turn store bought milk into nutritious kefir that is high in vitamins, lactic acid and probiotics. Learn how to make kefir whey, cream and butter.
sourdough bread starter recipe You will get six ways to succeed at making a sourdough starter.
gluten free bread recipe How to make low gluten or gluten free flat breads. How to bake a perfect sourdough loaf of bread, every time. You get a step by step timeline that tells you what to do and when to do it. (Just try and let the bread cool before the kids get to it.)

How to make sourdough pastry. But don't make the sourdough pizza base unless you are prepared to be hooked for life on home made pizza.

sourdough pancakes and pizza recipe PLUS your family will love these sourdough recipes: - Pancakes.
- Spicy fruit loaf / hot x buns.
- Date brownies.
- Christmas pudding.
- The Christmas cake is a real winner.
- Tropical coconut slice.
- Apricot kernel cake.
- Oatmeal slice.
- There is a total 130 A4 page which includes 34 recipes.
recipes WAPF and Sally Fallon

Rest assured that only wholesome ingredients are used: The recipes in this book are free of sugar, soy, margarine, vegetable oil, white flour, synthetic ingredients and politically correct ideas. Get ready to use nutrient packed whole grain flours - spelt, wheat, rye, barley and rolled oats. Once again you can enjoy full cream milk (cow or goat) butter, cheese and cream. Soy milk is banned. Get the benefits of coconut oil, creamed coconut and desiccated coconut. No sugar is used instead we get sweetness plus nutrients from unrefined molasses cane sugar, rapadura, honey, stevia, dates, currants, raisins, papaya, sultanas, prunes, apricots, cherries, pineapple, molasses and apricots. To balance out the flavours and the nutrition in the date brownies we use carob and cocoa powder. Add in a range of nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, brazils, apricot kernels, pecans - prepare them correctly and you will be powering along. No frozen vegetables and tinned fruit - just fresh vegetables and fruit, herbs and spices. Oh, and don't forget, plenty of eggs.

raw kefir cheese cake recipe In the middle of the book there is a recipe for a raw kefir cheese cake. This cheese cake is awesome. It uses almonds, pecans and dates in the base and a filling made with raw eggs, raw milk, gelatin, kefir cream, honey, vanilla essence and lime juice.
goat's milk desert recipe You also get a recipe for goat's milk desert and a simple recipe for a camembert type cheese.
dairy free nut cheese recipe And for those who are dairy free try the nut and seed cheese. This is a recipe I learned at the Hippocrates Health Centre on the Gold Coast some years ago that is cultured with rejuvelac.
kim chi and sauerkraut recipe with probiotics

If you are serious about good health then I am sure that you would have heard of the health benefits of cultured vegetables. The Germans call it sauerkraut while the Koreans call it Kim Chi. Sauerkraut has been noted for its ability to protect against small pox and leg cramps, while Kim Chi has been noted to protect chickens against bird flu. Whatever the researchers say I always eat a little sauerkraut every day and I feel better for it. In this book you get four recipes for sauerkraut: A sauerkraut that is similar to Kim Chi made with a wide range of vegetables; a vivid red beetroot sauerkraut; a papaya sauerkraut, high in enzymes made with mature green papaya. And you also get Abby's favourite sauerkraut recipe.

lacto fermented probiotics recipes

Learn how to make lacto fermented beverages that are rich in probiotics; learn how to brew homeostatic soil based organisms also known as EM; and for those who enjoy a good beer there is a recipe for real beer that is ready to drink in 5 days. There are a range of recipes starting with a simple fermented fruit juice flavoured with ginger juice leading up to more advanced recipes cultured with EM. - Fermented fruit juice.
- Wheatgrass ginger beer.
- Papaya ginger beer.
- Beet Kvass.
- Beetroot ginger beer.
- Pineapple ginger beer.
- Real beer with a great beer taste.
- Kombucha tea.
- Rejuvelac.

traditional nutrition recipe book

Plus lots of information that will help to convince your friends of the benefits of traditional nutrition.


Read what others say:

"Hi Abby, I love the 'Learn How to Cook the Way Grandma Did' recipe book. I am very familiar with most of these things and have actually done the basic kombucha, sourdough, kefir, sprouts, etc. by way of Sally Fallon's book and several of the other books you mention. I was eager to get this book to add to my recipes. Your book is fantastic and actually has many more recipes to choose from. I am thrilled with it. I find many of these recipes go into more detail than many other books and it is a big help, especially if a person would be starting from scratch. Thanks again." Ellen Schenck USA

Read more what others say.


Since you have read this far you must want to try the recipes so feel free to order now while it is fresh in your mind.

sourdough bread saurkruat ginger beer and kefir recipes


kefir raw milk recipeseBook Version $8.97

You get two ebook versions:

1. An A4 pdf file that you can view with Adobe Acrobat and print out on your computer.

2. And a Kindle ebook version.


kefir cheese recipes Paper Back Version $14.97









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learn how make kefir, cheese, sauerkraut, kombucha, sourdough bread and cakes, ginger beer and EM,
sourdough starter bread recipe book sourdough bread kefir saurkraut rejuvelac raw milk cheese recipes


No More Sugar Cravings

"Since eating cultured veggies and kefir and raw cheeses and buttermilk, I have lost my life long chocolate cravings.....what a feat! I have always been the one in the family that was the chocoholic! Now, it is not a matter of 'being strong' and passing up the chocolate in the supermarket aisle, I just do not want any chocolate. None for Easter, none for Mother's Day just not interested. Feels good too!" Judy Williams Clayfield Queensland


Lost Weight

"I started eating a traditional diet 5 months ago and have lost 20 lbs without trying, even though I eat as much or more food now as I did before. I think this is in part due to the coconut oil I have started including in my diet, which speeds up metabolism. I have so much energy now and there is a healthy glow in my face. I know I'm doing something right because a clerk at a clothing store recently told me I didn't look old enough to have children. I then asked her how old I looked and she said about 25. She was really astonished when I told her I was actually 37. I had to go shopping for new clothes (size 4, thank you) because my old clothes were too baggy." Helen Lampinen USA


"Bladder infections, eczema, early onset of arthritis."

"For bladder infections, antibiotics worked, but problem always came back. For eczema, used topical steroid cream called Halog, and semi-worked but did not cure the underlying problem, for arthritis, hadn't tried anything.

For all three the time and energy spent was a lot, for the antibiotics and Halog cream, oh hundreds of dollars.

Raw milk, raw cream, raw butter and raw milk kefir and yogurt cleared up all three problems completely. The results are permanent.

Raw dairy is a super health food and should never be kept back from the public access."Shawn Dady Brentwood USA