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nlp life coaching gold coastABOUT ABBY EAGLE

Abby Eagle is a NLP Personal Coach, Hypnotherapist and Meditation Coach. He has a Diploma in Applied Science (Biology), Certificate in Photography, and is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Time-Line Therapy. Abby has 30 years experience in the personal growth field. Read a Brief Biography. His NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy is grounded in a sincere inquiry into consciousness.


contact abby eagle school of meditation australiaMISSION STATEMENT / PURPOSE

To empower people to find the authentic source of peace and happiness within themselves. To create an environment which nurtures the process of self discovery and sets people onto the path of self actualisation- that is to become the best that they can be in the world.

Abby's role as a NLP Personal Coach is to inspire and motivate people to access and mobilise their inner and outer resources, such that they bring about some positive change in their life, such that they achieve their desired outcomes, such that at the end of the day they say, "This has been the best day ever", and at the end of the year they say, "This has been the best year of my life".


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contact abby eagle school of meditation australiaQUALITY ASSURANCE STATEMENT

The goals of our Quality Assurance (QA) are to deliver our products and services in a way that best meets the needs and expectations of the client; to continually improve upon and refine the standards of our products and services; to deliver a consistent quality of service and to do a little better each time we deliver that service. And to that end feedback from our clientele is actively encouraged.

As the primary goal is clientele satisfaction then the quality of the products and services that we deliver, and the relationship between us and the customer are far more important than the price that we charge.


who is abby eagle school of meditationWHO IS ABBY EAGLE SCHOOL OF MEDITATION?

"Abby Eagle School of Meditation" is a trading name of Abby Eagle, ABN 48 595 137 583.

"Abby Eagle School of Meditation" is a trademark of Abby Eagle.

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"Abby Eagle" is a trademark of Abby Eagle.

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contact abby eagle school of meditation australiaCONTACT DETAILS

Abby Eagle
Abby Eagle School of Meditation ABN 48 595 137 583
PO 902 Palm Beach Queensland Australia 4221
Email: abbyeagle [at] rejoiceinlife.com
Ph: (07) 5562 5718
International phone: 61 7 5562 5718
Skype phone: connect using abbyeagle [at] rejoiceinlife.com
Skype ID: abby.eagle

Office: Unit 3/22 Tourangeau Crescent, Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast. The building also faces onto 128 Varsity Parade. Best parking options are on Varsity Parade.


meditation school gold coastFORMAL QUALIFICATIONS

combine nlp and hypnosis with meditation to reach deep meditation statesMEMBERSHIPS


nlp life coaches gold coastCAREER SUMMARY



I hosted the first NLP Practitioner Training in Perth in 1990/1991 with Terry McClendon, a North Queensland based NLP Trainer who was one of the original crew with Bandler, Grinder, Dilts, et al. Over the years I marketed and promoted seminars for a number of psychologists and others. My primary focus since 1984 has been on NLP Coaching.


relax faster by combining hypnosis with meditationNLP BACKGROUND

Abby Eagle has trained with some of the finest trainers in NLP, TimeLine, Hypnosis and Design Human Engineering.

John La Valle Design Human Engineering (DHE). Richard Bandler's partner.
John Grinder NLP. Cofounder of NLP.
Terry McClendon NLP and Hypnosis. Codeveloper of NLP.
John Suesse NLP and Hypnosis.
Jesse Green NLP, Hypnosis and Psychic Skills.
Santosh Hypnosis.
Tad James NLP, TimeLine Therapy and Hypnosis. Developer of TimeLine Therapy.
L. Michael Hall Founder of Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coaching.


Abby Eagle has studied in-depth, material from a wide range of trainers and authors (not limited to the list below) in the fields of NLP, TimeLine, Hypnosis and Linguistics. View a bibliography.

Richard Bandler The genius behind NLP and developer of DHE.
Anthony Robbins Known as a New Age Guru.
Connirae and Steve Andreas Two authors who made NLP more accessible to non NLP'ers.
Connirae and Tamara Andreas Developers of Core Transformation and the Core Outcome Chain.
Earnest Rossi Editor of Milton H. Erickson's manuscripts.
Leslie Cameron-Bandler Richard Bandler's partner in the early days of NLP.
Milton H. Erickson Founder of Ericksonian Hypnosis.
Robert Dilts Codeveloper of NLP.
L. Michael Hall Neuro Semantics and Meta-Coaching.
Michelle Duval Neruo Semantics and Meta-Coaching
Dave Elman Hypnotherapy.
Charles Baudouin Suggestion and Autosuggestion.
Other. View a more complete bibliography.


enrol at osho zen meditation school gold coastMEDITATION

In 1971, at the age of 16, Abby read about Osho in a weekend newspaper and resolved to go and visit this enlightened master. However at this young age, Abby lacked not only money but the trust to make the journey to India. In 1984 he finally took Sannyas and travelled to be with Osho on the Ranch in Oregon and later in Poona, India. It was with Osho that Abby learned the art of Meditation. His path has included Gestalt, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Bioenergetics, Breathwork and Rebirthing, Psychic skills and Intuition Training, Trance Channeling, Co-dependency, Tai Chi, a wide range of meditation techniques and various spiritual disciplines.

Meditation is not about taking on new dogmas, doctrines or beliefs. Meditation is about learning how to quieten the mind and experience a silent no-mind state, then rather than acting out of conditioning, beliefs, memories, knowledge, ritual or thinking one learns to act out of trust and awareness - then life becomes a celebration.

I can show you the actual structure of meditation and how to silence the internal dialogue. What could ordinarily take decades you can learn in a matter of hours.


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