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I nearly died on a raw vegan diet.


My name is Abby Eagle. I spent 20 years trying to be a vegetarian. I read every book on nutrition that I could lay my hands on so I got into every new diet when it came on the market. But not one of them worked. When I first became a vegetarian - I did the food combining thing with grains, legumes, nuts and seeds - the result was food cravings that sent me rushing to the convenience store at 10:00pm to buy jumbo bars of chocolate. I stuffed myself with carbohydrates but the food cravings remained.

When I got into juicing fruit and vegetables I bought 20 kg bags of carrots. I drank about 2 litres of juice a day - my blood sugar levels skyrocketed and then plummeted but I persevered because the 'experts' provided the science to back up their ideas.

I did the low fat diet and rationed out one desert spoon of olive oil for my evening meal - but all I could think about as I stuffed myself with a huge plate of brown rice, tofu and steamed vegetables was what I could eat afterwards - and when I could not hold back the urge any longer I would drive 10 kms to an all-night supermarket to buy a cheese cake - which I ate in the car park - wondering all along whether the fat and cholesterol would kill me.

I did the raw food regime - I ate cup fulls of sprouted lentils and mung beans and enough raw salad to keep a rabbit happy - but the result was severe flatulence, visits to the toilet six times a day and a haemoroid condition that caused me agony whenever the weather became cool.

After 9 months on a raw vegan diet I saw a life sized image of myself in a coffin directly in front of my face. The next day I visited a Traditional Chinese Nutritionist who put me onto milk and cooked foods. I reluctantly followed her advice - and once my health had improved I tried the vegan diet again. I must admit that I am a bit of a slow learner (as we say here in Australia) but the media was becomeing saturated with information about the hazards of cooked food, saturated fats, meat and dairy.

Eventually the bowel and haemoroid problems were so severe that my life became even more disfunctional than it was and I looked into have surgery for the haemoroids.

Then one afternoon on the Burleigh Beach foreshaw I bumped into an old Naturopath friend who I knew from the Hippocrates Health Centre. He shouted at me: "". A week later I bought a copy of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Then I read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr Weston A Price. As I embraced a traditional diet that had nourished our forebearers for generations my health steadily improved. It took about four years for me to recover from the damage that I had done to my body with the politically correct diets.

Studying the work of Weston Price and Sally Fallon I learned that:

Abby Eagle 2005



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