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Testimonials For Kombucha Tea

Lewis Nagy Melody Berg


Kombucha helped with stomach ulcer.
"I got a stomach ulcer when I was around 15 years of age. At about 30 I had some Acupuncture which helped for a while but the ulcer returned. When I attended a hypnosis training at 45 years of age, one of the participants gave me a Kombucha tea plant. I drank about 1/2-1 glass per day. Within a few days I passed black tarry stools. Over the next couple of months I felt sick and vomited a number of times. Red patches on my skin cleared up. From the first few days of taking Kombucha tea I also felt a significant increase in my spiritual energy and became able to channel. After a year the stomach ulcer had healed. I did not make any other changes to my diet during that period and the same life problems confronted me as before. I believe the Kombucha tea played an instrumental part in healing the stomach ulcer.

I took the Kombucha tea for about a year and regulated the quantity by listening to my body. Usually from 1/2-1 cup of tea per day. Sometimes I did not drink any. After one year I stopped taking the Kombucha, then after 6-7 years started again."

Lewis Nagy
Labrador Qld Australia

Kombucha saves dog.
"On a happy note, kombucha tea has saved my dog. I have a 12 year old German Sheppard that the vet says was dying and nothing could be done. The x-rays showed megaesaphagous and an enlogated heart. They think the dog may have Addisons but the lab work is opposite of what it should be. The dog went from a cough(heart) to vomiting everything within a matter of days. I had taken the dog off dog food but the dog could not even keep healthy raw food down. So I put kombucha tea in with the water since that was all she could take and she would not even keep the water down . She was so hungry and everything would come back up. After about 2 days of drinking diluted kombucha tea, she could keep everything down and has been doing well since. She was also able to keep sprouted wheat pancakes down to start after she drank the kombucha tea.. She was suppose to die somewhere around around Thanksgiving and she is doing great. What a lifesaver that was. I am not expecting miracales since she is still an old dog but at least she is not suffering and instead is running and playing on occassion. Thanks again." Melody

Melody Berg
Valrico, FL USA
Submitted by Sarah Pope WAPF
5 February 2005


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