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"Because of the articles in the Kombucha book on pawpaw I was inspired to send some leaves to a few people drying from cancer. The first, a banana grower aged 40, had two operations on his bladder for cancer which did not prevent metastasis. I placed him on a very simple diet consisting of zero junk food, fresh living foods with no preservatives, white flour, sugar, colourings or additives and told him to 'stuff a handful of pawpaw leaves into a saucepan and fill with water; boil, simmer for one hour and drink it till it comes out of your ears' He did so and five weeks later had no trace of cancer whatsoever.

This same crude diet and instructions was sent to an elderly woman in Britain who was dying of bowel and stomach cancer and had been sent home to die. Because of the distance we decided to dry the leaves and grind them in the coffee grinder to send them to her. She too used them with the same result and her cancer has gone without a trace."


Excerpted with kind permission from the book: Harald W. Tietze, Papaya (Pawpaw) The Medicine Tree 2nd edition, 1997. p65.


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