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Feedback for "Learn How to Cook The Way Grandma Did" recipe book


"Just downloaded the recipe book, Abby, thanks soooo much...

I can't wait to dig in...I know that I will be drinking-up your great work, just like I drink up my own home brewed Kombucha! Congratulations on your fine ability to recognize truth when so, so many others don't come close to it, istead, foolishly, and detrimentally, malign it. Myself, my family and clients, have only benefited from being Hunter Gatherers!

I am so grateful for your enormous effort here in synthesizing Dr. Price's and Sally's revelatory work, and, as well, for so deliciously and creatively making it your do it so well!

May Peace and Longevity always litter your trail. With much appreciation." Karen Spirer USA


"Yes, I've received and just skimmed your wonderful book. I am delighted to have found this on the net and I love the way you explain so many things and provide useful, down-to-earth info.... now I know why some of my sauerkrauts have had mould growing on the top! I was already a fan of Weston A Price and have Sally Fallon's and Mary Enig's books. Your very moderately priced e-book will have pride of place alongside 'Nourishing Traditions' which I describe to my friends as my bible. Many thanks for your good work." Monique from Southland, NZ


"Hi Abby, I love the 'Learn How to Cook the Way Grandma Did' recipe book. I am very familiar with most of these things and have actually done the basic kombucha, sourdough, kefir, sprouts, etc. by way of Sally Fallon's book and several of the other books you mention. I was eager to get this book to add to my recipes. Your book is fantastic and actually has many more recipes to choose from. I am thrilled with it. I find many of these recipes go into more detail than many other books and it is a big help, especially if a person would be starting from scratch. Thanks again." Ellen Schenck USA


"Thanks for the recipe book, its a great collection, and helping me kick myself in the pants and get back to wholesome food and lifestyle." David Liu, San Francisco US


"Gidday Abby, Well I have read the whole book and may I say it is well written and has information in it that was new to me and even in the area of brewing etc, of
which I have many decades of experience, abut it is always good to get some
more knowledge as many heads are better then one ! An excellent read, good info, well written and was excellent on my Kindle. Many thanks and all the best."
Ron Gerritsen Australia


Get more information on the recipe book


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