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Put your trust in traditional nutrition...


Sack your Doctor - get off the sugary soda pop and improve your health with the latest ginger beer type recipes.



Surprise your friends and family:

Ferment fruit juices such as apple, grape, cranberry, blueberry and turn them into fizzy refreshing beverages rich in probiotics, in just 4 days.

Why shell out hard earned money on expensive probiotic supplements when you can brew your own low alcoholic beverages for a couple of dollars a litre? They smell great, they look impressive, they fizz, they are fun to make, they taste wonderful - and your friends are going to be very impressed!


Turn healthy but horrible tasting wheatgrass into refreshing great tasting wheatgrass ginger beer.

wheat grass juice beverage recipe

It is simple and easy to do. You can brew:

apple cider recipe probioticsApple cider.
wheatgrass ginger beer recipe probioticsWheatgrass ginger beer.
papaya ginger beer recipe probioticsPapaya ginger beer.
beet kvass recipe probioticsBeet Kvass.
beetroot ginger beer recipe probioticBeetroot ginger beer.
pineapple ginger beer recipe probioticsPineapple ginger beer.
home brew beer with probioticsReal beer ready in 5 days.
kombucha tea recipeKombucha tea.
anne wigmore rejuvelac recipe probioticsRejuvelac.
lacto fermented recipes probioticsCreate your own recipes...

All low in alcohol and high in health.


Learn skills that may come in handy one day. Learn to bake bread.

make sourdough bread starter

In addition learn how to

sourdough bread starter recipeBake sourdough bread.
sourdough cakes recipesSourdough cakes.
sourdough gluten free flat breads recipeSourdough low gluten flat breads.
sauerkraut and kim chi recipe probioticsGreat tasting saurkraut.
kefir and kefir cheese recipeKefir and simple cheese.
raw milk cheese cakeRaw cheese cake.
EM environment probiotics recipesDo your bit to save the environment with EM recipes.

home brewed probiotic beer recipes

It's fun, it's healthy and you can start now by downloading the eBook

sourdough bread saurkruat ginger beer and kefir recipes


kefir raw milk recipeseBook Version $8.97

You get two ebook versions:

1. An A4 pdf file that you can view with Adobe Acrobat and print out on your computer.

2. And a Kindle ebook version.


kefir cheese recipes Paper Back Version $14.97










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