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AIDS, Legionnaires disease, Ebola virus, West Nile River Virus, SARS and now Avian Influenza...

Of all of these hyped diseases only AIDS has caused significant deaths and yet most of these are in third world countries where many people suffer from malnourishment, poverty and poor hygiene.

What are the odds that there is going to be an Avian Flu Pandemic?

To answer that question let's have a quick look at SARS.

If you remember back a few years we were told that SARS was going to wipe out millions. So how many actually have died from SARS?

Deaths attributed to SARS as at November 1, 2002-July 31, 2003

1 China
2 Canada
3 Singapore
4 Viet Nam
5 Malaysia
6 Philippines
7 Thailand
8 France
9 South Africa
  Total deaths from SARS:
Source: http://www.globalhealthfacts.org/topic.jsp?I=29
25th November 2007


Only 774 deaths from SARS world wide!

And one source (A Wise Traditions journal of the Weston A Price Foundation) said that none of the Canadians actually had the virus in their body. This article suggested that in fact pollution was the cause of the illness and that in fact symptoms of a viral infection and pollution/pesticide poisoning were almost identical. So before I get side tracked onto pollution being a major cause of disease let's have a look at deaths so far from Avian Influenza

Deaths attributed to Avian Influenza As of November 12, 2007

1 Indonesia
2 Viet Nam
3 Thailand
4 China
5 Egypt
6 Cambodia
7 Azerbaijan
8 Turkey
9 Iraq
10 Lao People's Democratic Rep.
11 Nigeria
  Total deaths from Avian Influenza:
25th November 2007


So far 206 deaths from Avian Influenza world wide!

Maybe it's just early days? But I wonder?

So what is really causing the chickens to get sick and die?

If you have ever seen the conditions under which factory farmed chickens are housed and fed you will clearly understand why they get sick. Any animal - any human being housed under those deplorable conditions would also get sick and die. They get no daylight or fresh air. They never get a chance to flap their wings or to go for a walk over green pastures. They never get any decent food that a chicken in the wild would eat and they are crowded together in tiny cages. In short they are severely stressed both physically and emotionally. As a result new strains of influenza develop which may be passed onto humans. It should be obvious to most people that it is the conditions which create the disease and if we want to remove the threat of the avian virus then we need to change the conditions.


So what can we do for the chickens?

Probably not a lot for the current chickens in distress but by ensuring that in future we only buy chickens and eggs that have come from pasture fed birds that are humanly raised we take our business away from the factory farmers.


And what can we do for ourselves and others?

- Creating a lifestyle for ourselves which is conducive to good health would be a good start.
- Meditation has been shown to help boost the immune system.
- Helping others has been shown to boost the immune system. It is called the Mother Theresa Effect
- Practise generating a feeling of compassion for both ourselves and others, including animals and birds.
- Move towards an organic foods and sustainable living lifestyle.


Are there any foods which protect against Avian Flu Virus?

Kimchi may cure bird flu? Researchers at Seoul National University say that kimchi, a Korean version of sauerkraut, may provide protection against avian flu. In an experiment, 11 out of 13 chickens recovered from the disease after being fed kimchi.

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4347443.stm and http://www.newstarget.com/005897.html. See also the Seoul National University website


Sauerkraut used to treat Small Pox with success! "Good Bacteria: Just as scientists are belatedly recognizing that cholesterol can be good, so have they recognized that bacteria can be friendly. According to an article in Newsweek (3/26/01), "It's hard to imagine microbes as our allies. But mounting evidence suggests that these friendly flora aid digestion, ward off pathogens and help us process folic acid and other critical nutrients." The friendly bacteria are the hundreds of strains of lactobacilli, which formerly were in our diets when we ate natural lacto-fermented foods such as sauerkraut and yogurt. Actually, the medical profession used to understand this principle. At the Civil War Cemetery and Pest House in Lynchburg, VA, visitors learn that Dr. John Hay Terrill was able to reduce the death rate from small pox from 90 percent to 5 percent by giving his patients sauerkraut. As humans develop more and more resistance to antibiotics, health practitioners will return to nature's natural antibiotics—the friendly flora in lacto-fermented foods." Reprinted with kind permission from the Weston A. Price Foundation website.


Why not learn how to make your own Sauerkraut?

It's simple, easy - and takes less than an hour to make enough to last you for 2 months.

But wait, isn't sauerkraut that horrible salty boiled cabbage stuff that comes out of a tin?

Not at all!

Once you have tasted Abby's Awesome Saurkraut you will be sold on it for life. The kids will love it; your friends will try and steal it from you and the local restauranter will want to buy it from you.

Learn how to make delicious sauerkraut today!

The recipes are in my book: 'Learn How to Cook the Way Grandma Did' .


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Learn skills that may come in handy one day. Learn how to bake bread.

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Making sauerkraut is fun, it's healthy and you can start now by downloading the eBook...

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The Avian Flu Project is worth Billions of Dollars to:

avian flu kim chi recipeGovernment.
avian flu sauerkraut recipeThose people with shares in companies that produce vaccinations e.g. Donald Rumsfeld.
avian flu sauerkraut recipePharmaceutical companies.
avian flu kim chi recipeThe medical profession including your local Doctor and Pharmacist.
kim chi sauerkraut recipeFactory chicken farmers and those in the food industry who would benefit from the destruction of family farms.




avian flu sauerkraut recipesWith your cheque book.
avian flu kim chi probiotic recipesWith your health if you have
another vaccination.
sauerkraut and kim chi probiotic recipesFamily farms and traditional farmers.
avian flu sauerkraut probiotic and kim chi recipesThe biological and organic farming industry.