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Turn horrible but healthy tasting wheatgrass into refreshing great tasting wheatgrass ginger beer.

wheat grass juice beverage recipe


Learn skills that may come in handy one day. Learn to bake bread.

make sourdough bread starter


Put your trust in traditional nutrition...




"My mates told me to keep my recipe for Stinger Beer secret and not to put it in my recipe book but I decided to do it anyway. What the heck, I thought - if Coopers Brewery can give away their beer recipes and still make a mint then so can I."

GET THE RECIPE FOR ABBY EAGLE STINGER - real bottle brewed beer that not only tastes good but is good for you...

Surprise your mates.

Brew up a great tasting bottled conditioned beer that is golden in colour, has a great head, is light and sparkly, has an aroma to die for and has a bit of a sting from the addition of papaya leaf. No need to wait 30 days - this home brew is ready to drink in five days. And if you use organic ingredients it gives you an additional hit. Stinger is also low in alcohol which means you can drink more and stay out of trouble.

Why shell out hard earned money on expensive pasteurised beer when you can make real beer for cents one weekend and drink it the next?

In this recipe for real beer you don't need to use fancy brewing equipment. Just culture up a starter for 2 days; make the hops and papaya tea; mix with the barley malt and water then divide amongst the PET bottles. Give it about 5 days to brew at 25C, chill and drink. What could be easier than that?


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If you go to your health food shop and look at the lacto fermented drinks that they have for sale, then when read this recipe book you will understand how they make them.


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Brewing real beer is fun, it's healthy and you can start now by downloading the eBook

Brewing real beer is fun, it's healthy and you can start now by downloading the eBook

sourdough bread saurkruat ginger beer and kefir recipes


kefir raw milk recipeseBook Version $8.97

You get two ebook versions:

1. An A4 pdf file that you can view with Adobe Acrobat and print out on your computer.

2. And a Kindle ebook version.


kefir cheese recipes Paper Back Version $14.97









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