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Laugh Your Way to God

Those people who sit at a desk all day will find it nearly impossible to sit quietly in meditation without suppressing the body. The answer is to use an active meditation technique that gives the body, mind and voice the freedom to express. You may walk, run, swim, surf, shake, dance, sing, shout, gibber, laugh, cry but whatsoever you do, should be done with awareness and totality. Once you have thrown out the tensions of the day then sit quietly with closed eyes, bring your awareness to the breath and watch as the mind quietens by itself.


Sit with closed eyes and start with 20 minutes of gibberish. Just utter any language that you do not know and allow nonsense words and syllables to come from your mouth. Use gibberish to express all the things that you have wanted to say but did not. Have fun and enjoy. After 20 minutes open your eyes, make stupid faces, giggle and laugh. Do not stop. Just keep on laughing. Cry if you like but always start laughing again. After 20 minutes close your eyes, sit and remain a witness to the breath, mind and emotions. This type of meditation is deeply cleansing and may be done for hours at a time.


DISCLAIMER: This information is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for appropriate care from a qualified health practitioner.

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