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Weight Loss Tip #1

If you want to lose weight then you need not just an action plan but a new way of thinking.

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have no trouble at all in eating the right foods and following an exercise program? The difference between you and them is not so much about genetics but about how you think.

So in this tutorial I am going to show you where to look to find the right information. Information that you can use to build the mind set of a winner.

So we start with the P/S to D/O model. You start by spending a few minutes describing your current situation. How much you weigh, what you eat, and what exercise you do.

Then we move over to building your desired outcome. This is the new you. Your future self. So you act like Steven Spielberg and you build a cinema in your mind of what you want to look, sound like and feel like.

And you have to state your goal in the positive. So if you weigh a 100kg you don’t set a goal to lose 40kg. You set a goal to weigh 60kg and you give it a date and you make sure the goal is reasonable.

And you build a picture of yourself weighing 60kg, and then you focus in on your face, your shoulders, your collar bones, your arms, your breasts, your waist line, your hips, your thighs, your calves, etc. Seeing yourself at your goal weight.

Then dress yourself up to make yourself look really good. Then see yourself doing the activities that you desire, feeling real good about yourself. See yourself in the environment in which you would flourish.

And so as the new you, how would stand? How would breath? What posture would you have? What would your face look like?

And then how would you sound as the new you? What would be your voice quality? Volume, tonality and tempo?

And how would it feel to be the new you? What two words would describe the new you?

Now reach out with your hand and take hold of the image of the new you. Bring that goal back to yourself and say, “Mine”. This is the new me, and I will do whatever is absolutely necessary in order to bring the new me into reality.

So once you get an idea of what you would like to look like, sound like and feel like then you ask “Why?”

Why do you want to be the new you?

What is important to you about reaching your goal weight?

Once you reach your goal weight then what do you get to have and to experience?

So this gives you the big why – the reason – the motivation to do what is necessary to change your diet now and to build in a new exercise routine into your lifestyle.

To get a free copy of the P/S to D/O model just visit my website. You should also look at the NLP Well Formed Outcome questions. This is a series of questions that you can use to self coach yourself to success.

To get my other weight loss tips make sure that you subscribe to my youtube channel. If you need help losing weight then feel free to contact me regarding a NLP and Hypnotherapy weight loss session.






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