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Weight Loss Tip #3

Part 1
The topic of this weight loss tip is attitude. And I want to start with a story. I am a NLP Hypnotherapist so I work with people who want to lose weight. There have been a number of times where a mother has brought there teenage daughter to see me for weight loss – but it has been too late.

On one occasion mother and 16 year old daughter walk in. The girl had rounded shoulders and was two inches shorter than her mother who was well rounded. The story is that the girl developed an interest in ballet at 4 years of age – so mother took her to ballet classes.

She was currently enrolled in a prestigious ballet school in Paris. But the problem was that she would soon be too big to be a ballet dancer and she would have to leave the school.

I looked at the mother and I thought, “You have had 12 years to get your child onto a diet that would give her a ballet dancers body, and you wait until now.”

I have worked with a number of teenage girls who have been devastated to find that they could not pursue their life’s passion because they were too fat. Then they end up either going anorexic or bulimic as some way to manage their weight.

Who is responsible for that travesty? The child, the parents, the food industry, or just the wrong attitude?

A couple of days ago a friend posted on Facebook that his 3 year old daughter wants to be a ballet dancer – so I took a deep breath and posted a comment on his page.

He is Australian but the mother of his child is Japanese. So I wrote that if he wanted to support his daughter in her dream then he would need to feed her a ballet dancers diet. So I said to look to traditional groups in Asia, such as the Japanese, Malay Indians and Philippinos.

These people on a traditional diet tend to be very well proportioned but the problem is when they come to Australia their children blob out like so many Westerners.

So it is going to take a lot of education and discipline to maintain the correct diet – and that requires an attitude – against the food industry and the unconscious eating habits of the average person.


Part 2.
So in this weight loss tip I am going to show you how to build an attitude. An attitude for success. We hear a lot about people who have a bad attitude – yet whether an attitude is good or bad or not is not the thing. What is important is building an attitude that works for you.

So if you eat junk food, take-away food, pastries, candy, sweets and sugary drinks, and drink too much alcohol then your attitude is not working for you. If your health is suffering from poor diet then this is partly because you have a poor attitude towards food.

For some people food and alcohol is a way to socialise and keep their family unit together. But what use is a social life if you are over weight, have low self esteem, and are headed for a heart attack or a stroke?

So if you reaching your goal weight is important to you? If looking good, standing tall, breathing deeply, sounding powerful and feeling really good is important to you then are you willing to do what is absolutely necessary in order to achieve your outcomes?

If ‘no’ then you might as well click out but if ‘yes’ – then stay with me as I show you how to build a bad assed attitude that will set you up for success.

It is real simple.

Every one has a possible negative future or possible positive future. We covered that in Weight Loss Tip #1. And then you build for your self a positive compelling future. A compelling future give you a way to get some leverage on yourself.

Now we start to build the attitude.

Let’s start with sugar. What is sugar? Sugar started as a whole food but then was stripped of all the minerals and stuff that went with it.

Even natural sugars are not that healthy. Sugar is a disaccharide molecule that contains a glucose and a fructose molecule.

Laboratory studies have shown that it is the fructose molecule that is harmful to the body. Which is interesting because fructose is also the major sugar in fruit.

I also find it interesting that in all the food charts that the dieticians have created they are prepared to demonise traditional fats yet they have only ever suggested that people reduce their intake of sugar.

You want to know why? Because most people, in the West at least, are addicted to sugar. Don’t believe me?

Next time you visit your doctor, what do they have on the counter? Little sweets. I have seen candy dispensing machines with a sign saying that they are raising money for cancer research – yet they fail to acknowledge that sugar is one of the prime causes of ill health.

So many times I have gone to a business meeting or a seminar – and there are little bowls of sweets. On occasions the presenter has spread the sweets over the table. This is bad shit.

One day I was at a video shop standing in queue. To my right there was a table with big tubs of fairy floss – which is 100% sugar. In front of me was a 15 year old school girl. She was huge.

I looked at the table of fairy floss and candy then I looked at her. To my left two small kids were holding tubs of fairy floss. The mother was with them. Where ever I looked I saw sugar. Shelves of chocolates, candies, sweets.

The fridge was loaded with sugary soft drinks. I looked at the little kids – I looked at the fat girl. And I thought shit, those poor little kids will end up like this fat teenager.

And just think of the self esteem issues she may have, not to say the possibility of a stroke and a heart attack.

I wanted to swear out loud but I thought better of it because I got the feeling that I was the only one in the video shop who understood that sugar is poison.

I tell you this story because if you want to lose weight and improve your health, then you need to build in an attitude. Now I love children, and I want all children to get the best diet possible but I don’t see this in the West.

What I see on the Gold Coast of Australia are well proportioned Asian men and women. And their teenage children, in many cases are all fat, blown out like so many Westerners.

What am I doing? I am stating my attitude towards the effects that sugar and junk food has upon the health. I would like everyone to have the best diet possible – and the first step is to demonise sugar.

Sugar is poison. If you want to lose weight and improve your health then you need to believe that.

So this is what I want you to do. Think of sugar and now say out loud, “Sugar is poison. I don’t eat that.”

Now think of the smelliest dog poo that you can imagine. Most people have accidentally trodden on dog poo in the street.

Remember the sight and smell of dog poo, and say out loud, “I would never eat dog poo. Sugar is poison. I don’t eat sugar. Only an idiot would eat sugary foods.

Sugar, candy, confectionary and sugared soft drinks should never be given to children – because children deserve to be fed good wholesome food.”

And even though the child might complain a bit as they get over their sugar addiction, when they grow up to be a strong, healthy and attractive adults they will thank you for it. Believe this to be true.

If you are still with me – then I would like to acknowledge you for that – because this is a tough subject.

So by now you should have an idea of how to build a bad assed attitude to deal with any addiction. You can use much the same procedure to build a negative attitude towards, junk food, alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana.

To get a free copy of the P/S to D/O model just visit my website. You should also look at the NLP Well Formed Outcome questions. This is a series of questions that you can use to self coach yourself to success.

To get my other weight loss tips make sure that you subscribe to my youtube channel. If you need help losing weight then feel free to contact me regarding a NLP and Hypnotherapy weight loss session.





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