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Weight Loss Tip #5

Milton H. Erickson, the world famous American Medical Hypnotherapist, said that the only reason people had problems was because they were out of rapport with their unconscious mind.

One of the most important weight loss tips that I can give you is to learn how to communicate with your unconscious mind. It is a bit difficult to explain in a short video but in simple terms all thoughts arise out of the unconscious mind and appear on the screen of consciousness.

In a way there is just unconscious mind and there is no conscious mind. There is consciousness. So we can be conscious of the thoughts that are in mind, and conscious of our behaviours.

If we don’t like the thought or the behaviour then we can communicate that back to the unconscious mind and thereby bring about a positive change. The methodology is quite simple.

Preceding every action is a thought. That is, a thought drives a behaviour. So if you don’t like the behaviour, then rather fighting with the behaviour just change the thought. Don’t fight with the thought, don’t argue with yourself – just send the thought back to the unconscious mind.

So how do we do that? One way to do that is by building a communication channel with the unconscious mind for yes and no signals. It could be that one finger moves for a yes and a thumb moves for a no.

Once you have established the finger signals then we can learn to use a hypnosis pendulum to get a signal for a yes, a no, and to what degree. I demonstrate in detail how to do that in another video.

So once you have a clear communication channel with the unconscious mind then you can ask the unconscious mind to what degree a food item is beneficial nutritionally for you. You can find out if a food item is good for you or bad for you.

Let’s say you eat eggs. You can find out from the unconscious mind the best way to prepare the eggs. You can find out whether raw yolks or partially cooked yolks are healthier that hard cooked yolks.

What we are learning to do is to trust the unconscious mind. We are not interested in what the health dictocrats tell us but what the body knows to be true for us personally.

If you have been eating the wrong foods or have food cravings then you can ask the unconscious mind to banish the thoughts for the food item. You can ask the unconscious mind to make you stop eating the food item.

And you can ask the unconscious mind to tap into the authentic source of confidence, love and happiness and have those feelings be available to you in all the situations where it would be useful to you.

And your unconscious mind will faithfully carry out those suggestions for you – as long as you should ask in the correct way.

To summarise, every thought that you have, arises out of the unconscious mind. When you have a conversation with yourself you are having a conversation with your unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind is like a  faithful servant, like a silent partner that is always with you, and will do anything that you ask, as long as you ask in the correct manner.

This means that is very important that you listen to the conversation that you have with yourself. If it does not serve you then change it. Build in a positive coaching internal dialogue such that you create a cinema of success in your mind.

Just keep changing the words that you use with yourself to build a cinema, a movie, a film where you see yourself steadily achieving your desired outcomes.

I think that is enough for today. To learn how to use a hypnosis pendulum please watch the instructional video.

There is an article on my website which explores the myths and facts around the Mediterranean Diet which will give you some insights into what the body needs for optimum health.

You should also look at the P/S to D/O model and the NLP Well Formed Outcome questions. This is a series of questions that you can use to self coach yourself to success.

To get my other weight loss tips make sure that you subscribe to my youtube channel. If you need help losing weight then feel free to contact me regarding a NLP and Hypnotherapy weight loss session.





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