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The Cholesterol Myths

By Uffe Ravnskov


Cholesterol myths


By Uffe Ravnskov MD PhD

Exposing The Fallacy That Saturated Fat
And Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease

Ravnskov, Uffe, The Cholesterol Myths: Exposing the fallacy that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease. Washington, DC: NewTrendsPublishing, 2002.

ISBN: 0-9670897-0-0
297 pages - 6" x 9" - B/W illustrations

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Dr. Ravnskov has done a magnificent service with a scholarly book that gathers a vast body of impressive evidence and will surprise many with true facts from research studies. The book is a must reading for all interested persons and certainly should be required reading for all nutritionists and all physicians who treat patients. Ray H. Rosenman MD Former Director of Cardiovascular Research, SRI.

Whether diet plays a major role in disease is a question that interests us all. Author Ravnskov has a mission: To inform his readers that there is another side to his question than the view usually presented to us...Many with establishment views will regard Dr. Ravnskov as a crank. That would be a grave mistake. He has done his homework, he is not a lone voice in the wilderness and he deserves to be taken seriously. Above all, this book will make us think more deeply about the true role of diet in heart disease and about quality of the information that we receive. Michael Gurr, PhD Renowned Lipid Chemist.

"But what about heart disease?" This is the response of many Americans when advised to consume the foods of their ancestors, foods like butter, whole milk, eggs and meat. Fear of saturated fat and cholesterol has put a solid brick wall between the consumer and satisfying nutritious food - and filled the coffers of the food processing industry. Dr Ravnskov's measured and clear-eyed analysis actually serves as a sledgehammer that breaks down barriers to healthy, sensible eating. Sally Fallon Author of Nourishing Traditions.






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