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Dora Chu  

"I came to know about EM when I was doing environmental work (treating garbage odour). I attended the EM convention in Okinawa in 2001 and from there I learnt about EM-X. To be honest, my experience in taking EM-X started with my dog - in our place we have a problem of distemper among puppies (since most of the puppies came from mainland China and the virus is notoriously wide-spread in China's pet mills) and I had two puppies die from distemper several days after I brought them home from the pet shop. So I decided to give EM-X to the third puppy and miraculously, this one was OK (he had symptoms of distemper from the beginning, lasting for about a week). So I continued to feed EM-X to my dog (only 1 ml daily) and apparently he is different from the other dogs in the following ways:
1. he has more muscle and therefore he is bigger than his type (more muscular, not fatter) - in fact, although he is still small but he weight 50% more than the same type.
2. in the past five years, he had never been sick - not even once!
3. he is super-active and strong
4. his teeth are strong - that surprised the vet since most Chihuahua have bad teeth. His teeth are so strong that he can chew big bones as the bigger dogs.

I decided to take EM-X myself to give it a try. I have asked the Japanese but so far no one can say for sure how much should one person takes - they recommend 10 ml to 20 ml for normal person to upkeep their health. Since my dog is taking 1 ml per day, and I am 10 times heavier than my dog - so I figure maybe I should take 10 times that amount - so I take 10 ml per day (I didn't want to take more since EM-X is quite expensive). To be honest, so far there is no clear evidence of any benefit for myself (as I have been taking it for three years already). I cannot say whether I had been sick "less" as I am quite healthy anyway. But seeing my dog everyday, I still believe EM-X is beneficial to my health in the long term.

Unfortunately my supplier in Okinawa closed so I can no longer buy EM-X from Japan. So I take my home-made AEM now (20 ml per day) and I won't quit taking it. Again, there is no clear evidence of any benefit on me as I am seldom sick. But my dog is still very strong and healthy.
I failed to pursuade people with sickness to take EM-X (they think it is only a scam since EM-X is quite expensive) so I cannot prove its effectiveness in sick people. But I suspect you have to take it FOR A LONG TIME in order to see its benefit to health. Long time means at least several years."

Dora Chu
Hong Kong
2 August 2005

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