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Testimonials For a Traditional Diet - Nourishing Traditions and Dr Weston A Price

Kate Van Uden Helen Lampinen
Judy Williams Annemarie Prause
Joanne Hay  
Victoria Bloch  

Presenting Problem:
"Weight gain, lack of energy. No sex drive, breathlessness, accumulated over the last three years"

"When I came to Australia, the sun was shinning, the beach was beckoning and coming from cold, wet, polluted London, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to embark on a healthy lifestyle.

I gave up smoking having been a smoker warming my lungs for 15 years. I also decided to give up meat. I was under the impression that I would shortly be able to take up some great walks without getting so breathless and would end up some sort of super girl. I weighed 9 stone then, having lived with a really bad dairy intolerance and having excluded it from my diet for 10 years and being a lousy cook I obviously did not make a good veggie, even though I knew I should balance my proteins at every meal I became more and more lethargic about the whole cooking thing.

In three years I put on three and a half stone in weight and my breathing never improved.
Well, cutting a lot of stuff out, I got the book Nourishing Traditions and have basically just added the chicken broth to my diet ( organic of course), switched from supermarket milk to raw
milk, used sparingly with my history, and am looking forward to receiving my first kefir babies.

It has been several weeks now and that is all I have changed. I can feel the shift in my weight occurring, my energy is better, and my libido has, well, ... shot through the roof! I gave up smoking with a group called 'SmokeEnders' and I paid about four hundred dollars and consider it money well spent.

I have spent onwards and upwards of a couple of thousand dollars during the last couple of years on Grander water technology and supplements from chemists and health stores. I consider these to be useful but not how I was using them, as stand alone solutions. The real change has been with the diet and I feel the results I am achieving will continue and become permanent"

Kate Van Uden Age: 37
Email: nigeandkate@
Taranganba, Qld 4703


Presenting Problem
"Birthing problems"

"I had my 1st child with a great deal of difficulty. The birth was 67 hours in duration. I tried to home-birth but ended up with natural vaginal delivery in hospital using portional epidural and oxytocin. I suffered perineal tearing. Recovery was very slow and even went backwards at stages (vaginal wound became gangrenous at 5 weeks).

I was on a vegetarian diet with soy instead of milk and avocados for fat. I had the sugar habit from hell and a candida condition that took 6 months of the "candida diet" to come even close to balanced digestion wise. This I ignorantly did during breast-feeding and then went on to feeding my son with soy milk!!! (but that is subject for another discussion). I was emotionally wrecked (terrified most of the time), you could say I had post natal depression.

My second child was a much better birth - at home in water delivered by father without any drugs or interference. I was eating more meat and was much more nourished at this stage. Still tore (perineal tearing) but left the wound to heal itself (no stitches). Although I had new circumstances (much more support - different father - much better self esteem), I still battled with post natal depression - of course I did not medicate but I did eat much more meat to counter act this (from a Chinese medicine point of view, PND is due to "Blood" deficiency).

My third child's birth was a breeze - absolutely beautiful, at home, in water, father delivered, 4 hours, no tear. During this pregnancy I found raw milk and consumed it voraciously along with yogurt but didn't find the book Nourishing Traditions etc. until he was 2 months old. This is a year ago now and I have not only had NO post natal depression but my overall mothering is more calm and I can accomplish so much more than ever before. We have very little support for our parenting now and we cope much better than ever before.

None of my children were immunised and as such have never been to a doctor except to sign a conscientious objection form which we need to be able to send our kids to child-cares if they re not immunised. I have administered child panadol twice for my daughter and once for my oldest son for high fever."

Joanne Hay Age: 30
Occupation: Mother/Business Owner
Varsity Lakes, Qld 4227


"About sugar cravings, since eating cultured veggies and kefir and raw cheeses and buttermilk, I have lost my life long chocolate cravings.....what a feat! I have always been the one in the family that was the chocoholic!! Now, it
is not a matter of 'being strong' and passing up the chocolate in the supermarket aisle, I just do not want any chocolate. None for Easter, none for Mother's Day just not interested. Feels good too!"

Judy Williams Age: over 50. Retired.
Clayfield, Queensland 4011 Australia


"I grew up a child of the 50s. While I ate meat and dairy products regularly, I also ate lots of frozen dinners, cakes and cookies, and other modern processed foods. I got lots of antibiotics for the strep throats I got once or twice a year. As the years went by, I developed hypoglycemia. I always loved to cook, and have always been fussy about fresh ingredients, so my diet wasn't as bad as it might have been, but it was loaded with sugar, white flour, pasta, and other nutrient-depleting foods. When I met and married my current husband, he'd been macrobiotic for several years, so naturally I adapted my cooking techniques to this new way of eating.

After a number of years of practicing macrobiotics, my digestion was horrible (near-constant gas and bloating), my menstrual cycle (never regular) completely out of whack (unfortunately, we were trying to get pregnant at the time, and I suffered three miscarriages and was unable, in the end, to get pregnant at all), and my skin was lackluster and constantly blemished.

One day, while shopping at the local health food store, I ran across a book titled "Native Nutrition" by Ron Schmid, ND (now titled "Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine"). The premise of the book intrigued me, and I introduced a little meat and raw milk to my diet, which felt really good to me. A few months later, I heard a radio interview with Sally Fallon, and immediately ordered a copy of "Nourishing Traditions" -- which I read cover to cover in about a day, following up with Weston Price's "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration".

I stopped eating soy immediately (I'd been drinking easily 8-16 ounces of soy milk a day), and started cooking with butter. I kept eating all the vegetables I ate while macrobiotic, but served them with butter and Celtic sea salt. I started eating meat and fish nearly every day. I soaked all my grains and cooked them in delicious homemade meat broth. I began taking cod liver oil and stopped all other supplements. My digestion improved within weeks, and my skin as well. My nails got stronger, and my hair noticeably thicker. My stamina and energy started to pick up, as well.

Most intriguing to me was the change when I went to the dentist: for months, she'd been concerned about some deep pockets that had been forming in my gums, particularly towards the back teeth. When embarking on this new dietary adventure, I decided to stop flossing entirely to see if diet would really make a difference. Imagine my dentist's surprise (and mine) when the next cleaning came: all the deep gum pockets were gone, and the actual texture of my gums had changed from weak and easily damaged to strong and healthy. She asked if I'd been flossing twice a day and massaging my gums, because she couldn't imagine how else things had changed so quickly. (I never had the nerve to confess that I'd stopped doing both, but did mention my diet change, which she had to acknowledge had made an amazing difference.)

Now, some five years later, I have a very different relationship with my body than I have had for much of my life. My stamina and overall energy are steady and strong. I haven't gotten a single winter cold or flu for five years. My menstrual cycle, wildly variable for virtually my entire life, is like clockwork (I attribute this to raw dairy, and a number of other women I know have commented on the same thing). My skin is clear, my hair is thick and bouncy, my blood sugar remains stable (I lost chocolate and sugar cravings when I got enough protein and fat into my diet), and I'm a healthy camper! My husband's health has changed, too, for the better (and his teeth and gums are stronger).

As a chapter leader, I've seen numerous instances of improved health in people returning to a more natural way of eating. A few examples: the mother of a young boy says her child is the only one in his class who doesn't get colds every winter. A paralegal who works grueling hours says she virtually never takes sick days any more, and never gets the flu, even when others around her are dropping like flies. A young graphic designer, usually unable to get through insane deadlines without getting sick at least once, sailed through her tough schedule in perfect health.

My nearly 80-year-old mother switched to this diet six months ago (from frozen dinners, many of them loaded with tofu and vegetable oils, commercial breads, and other poor quality foods to fresh meats, sourdough breads, lots of fermented vegetables, and raw dairy), and I am seeing her slowly but quite visibly return to a more vibrant, energetic version of herself.

There's so much more that could be said, but suffice it to say that this way of eating -- hardly a "diet" in the typical sense of the word, but simply the most delicious, natural, intuitive way to eat imaginable -- is life changing, and I am profoundly grateful to all those who have made this invaluable information available!"

Victoria Bloch
Wise Traditions Los Angeles
A local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation
21 June 2004


"I started eating a traditional diet 5 months ago and have lost 20 lbs without trying, even though I eat as much or more food now as I did before. I think this is in part due to the coconut oil I have started including in my diet, which speeds up metabolism. I have so much energy now and there is a healthy glow in my face. I know I'm doing something right because a clerk at a clothing store recently told me I didn't look old enough to have children. I then asked her how old I looked and she said about 25. She was really astonished when I told her I was actually 37. I had to go shopping for new clothes (size 4, thank you) because my old clothes were too baggy."

Helen Lampinen
29 June 2004


Presenting Problem
"Asthma (severe) and lactose intolerance, also severe allergies to fragrance. Since a child - I could never have pets; and at age 28 the doctor told me I would probably need corticosteriods."

"I started taking Schizandra berry and Rose Ox for the asthma (3 pills per day) and then weaned off of it in the course of a year. I have not used an inhaler in over 8 years. Also, raw honey and milk help with any stomach problems - there is a history of inflammatory bowel problems in my family. Kefir helps me and my dog with IBS.

It is hard to estimate the time, money and energy spent as this has taken place slowly since 1996 - we just became goat farmers in the Spring of 2004 and are loving it; we will be able to offer raw milk in Spring of 2005, because we would like the public to benefit from it as we have.

Yes I do believe the results are permanent as, I do not carry an inhaler with me (which my mother is amazed, as I was in an oxygen tent for much of my childhood); As far as the kefir and raw (lacto-fermented foods) I notice a negative effect if I do not drink them - I will return to stomach problems."

Annemarie Prause
Age: 37, Nurse / goat farmer.
Email: annemarie@
Brooklyn CT 06234 USA


Cravings for salty foods banished.

"I used to snack on salty foods all the time. Since Abby showed me how to use self hypnosis two weeks ago I have lost 3 kgs. It's awesome because it only took 30 minutes to learn how to banish the food cravings. Now when I go to a friends place I just eat a meal and that's it. Before the hypnosis session I used to compulsively think about what else I could eat. Now I am now longer interested in the food that is around. -- Two months later I have lost 8 kgs. I slowed down a bit in the cooler months but have started losing weight again."

And about twelve months later, "By the way, I've lost 20 kilos now and maintaining the weight by having a balanced acid/alkaline ratio!" Anja Cass, Gold Coast, Australia.

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