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You will laugh and cry when you read these articles. Characteristics of traditional diets. Myths and truths about nutrition.

Australian Aborigines

Cholesterol Myths
-- cholesterol. what it is chemically, what it does in the body, etc
-- the benefit of cholesterol to the body (why lowering with drugs can be harmful, etc)
-- the benefit of cholesterol-rich foods. this will be the important unique contribution of the site, I think. There will be an article on each food that we are typically told to avoid, and how that food offers a unique and important contribution to an optimal diet.

Raw food Sources of raw chocolate.

The Bare Foot Gardener: We have an active Yahoo group that includes a few folks from Oz. We meet monthly all around central Florida, starting each meeting with a mini farmer's market. In October we are meeting at Morningstar Fishermen, a farm/school where students come to learn to raise tilapia and organic veggies, then return to their native countries to teach their people to feed themselves.


1. What is wrong with pasteurised milk and why more people are choosing to drink raw milk.
2. Where to find sources of real milk.

These links may provide some sources of real milk, organic meat and so on.

1. Brisbane
2. Gold Coast
3. Perth
4. New Zealand: High quality organic food. Natural, sustainable lifestyle. Ecology and holistic health. Bari
5. New Zealand: Whole foods with downloadable shopping guides for US, Australia & New Zealand
7. Allowable and non allowable substances in organic products.
8 Organic Consumers Association. An excellent source of well written articles.
9.Stone Organic Pastures (located in Fisher, IL -- right near Champaign, IL, (central IL)) is USDA Certified Organic. We have raw cow milk and other dairy products made from the raw milk such as butter, ice cream, and yogurt. We also have roaster chickens, brown eggs, blueberries, and blueberry juice. trstone@
10. Green Pastures Australia. Whole Food Supplements and Health Supplies. Blue Ice High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil, Butter Oil, Organ Extracts, Reverse Osmosis Water Filters and lots more!



1. Don't drink your milk by Dr Mercola
2. Why don't you want to drink pasteurised milk
3. Pasteurised milk and its link to Autism.
4. White sugar is a processed food.


Holly Davis real food: Traditional cooking classes. Holly Davis 02 9974 1214
NutraSanus: Natural Health Supplements is a non-commercial natural health website that offers a wealth of useful information.
Best Vitamins: Purchase all your best vitamins online. Great deals, great selection and awesome prices at all the online vitamin merchants. You owe it to yourself to stay heathy.l
Dr. Eddys Integrated Medical Clinic & Ayurveda School
Our Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School is a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner.
Best Treadmills Used Treadmills. For treadmill information visit You owe it to yourself to stay healthy. Air Purifiers
Distributor of the AirOasis 3000 air purifier. Maintenance Free for 3 years plus Free shipping.
Alternative Health Remedies: Australian website for Lugol's Iodine and supplements. Phone Bevan Potter.
Gold Coast Business Directory
Alternative Medicine Center online Dr. Anca Martalog, N.D. As a naturopathic doctor, I offer advice on various health topics with an online treatment option.
Nutritional multivitamin supplements at
UseNature: Gold Coast Health Directory

The Witch's Brew - Weston A Price based skincare.  Raw butters/fats and oils, with superfoods and superherbs to nourish and feed your skin.
Nourished Magazine -   An online magazine for fans of Weston A Price.  A community of bloggers, with incredible amounts of information and articles on Nourishing and Traditional Diets.

Raw Milk Herd Share - Finding a way to obtain raw milk legally.  Subscribe to show your support for raw milk.

Wemoon Cloth Menstrual Pads - Natural cloth menstrual pads for women.  Good for women, good for the environment, comes in many gorgeous colours and sizes.



Chet Day's Health & Beyond Health articles USA

ARTICLES BY PHILIP DAY: Campaign for truth in medicine.

Articles by Philip Day author of "Cancer: Why we're dying to know the truth."


1. US Dept Agriculture nutritional database
Total agricultural solutions india- FREE agribusiness advices,news, sevices india: Seeds market india,agricultural commodity prices india,delhi agribusiness directory india,online agribusiness products,fertilizers


1. Belstack Strawberry Farm Australia, Victoria Australia. Peter Tacey. (03) 5823-1324 Email:


1. Kokonut Pacific Pty Ltd. Australia, ACT Dr Dan Etherington (02) 6254-5606 Email:


Citrofresh - The Only Natural Choice for the Future


Join the campaign to protect us from GM foods in Australia.
Denmark plans to spend $500,000,000.00 over ten years to go 100% organic (1999).
Australia spent $80,000,000.00 on gene technology (1999)and less than $500,000.00 on organics.
Read the book: Genetic Engineering, Food, and our Environment: A Brief Guide by Luke Anderson
Say no to GE foods network. Lists of GE and non GE foods.


1. Computer health assessment. Surfers Paradise Australia. Phone 07 55760 555 or 0400 554950  email:


2. Dom's Kefir in-site Instructions on how to work with real kefir grains.
3. The micro flora of Kefir grains


1. Kombucha Australia
2. Kombucha Dom's Kefir in-site
3. Kombucha and kefir (
4. Ginger Nectar Company Byron Bay.
5. Himalayan Goji Juice Australia
6. Watermelon, Cantaloupe, HoneyDew from Sundia. Sundia Watermelon Juice and Watermelon products are fresh and guaranteed for quality. Sundia offers 100% watermelon juice and other watermelon products.


1. Natural Health and Lifestyle Directory - Gold Coast Australia. Contact Dieter Email:
2. Guided Visualization
3. Colouring Therapy An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal team-building skill development. Guidelines and resources to help you inexpensively improve your coping and awareness skills through an enjoyable activity.


1. Saving the Genetic Diversity of Tomorrow's Food. The Seed Savers' Foundation Ltd. Byron Bay Australia. Jude Fanton. (61) 02 6685 7560 Email:


1. Does eating fat really make you fat?
2. NLP gets results with weight loss and a wide range of problems.


FYI in freezing meat, fish, milk, etc etc. go to the National Center for Home Preservation


Encouragement and inspiration at stressbusters ecards page. Or



Natural Health Care Alliance An alliance of health related businesses.
Homeless: Homelessness & Homeless People Australia, Features pictures and real life stories of homeless people, statistics, resources, volunteer work, media coverage of homelessness and debate as to how to define homelessness.


NLP Alternative Medicine
We have just started the first general NLP-Coach community in the world that is not biased toward any one training institution, association, country, specialization or other.

NLP Life Coaching on the Gold Coast Qld Australia.
Business coaching, marketing strategies for referral based business. NLP, Hypnosis and Osho Zen Meditation sessions and workshops Gold Coast Qld Australia. NLP Life Coaching and Meditation Teacher training programs.


Eco-Growth International Pty Ltd. Organic plant, microbe and soil vitalisers. Chemical free agricultural alternatives. Phone Paul Storer 08 9355 3522 or email or email.


Osho Sammasati: Osho book store Byron Bay

Abby Eagle School of Meditation - NLP, Hypnosis and Osho Zen Meditation sessions and workshops Gold Coast Qld Australia. NLP Life Coaching and Meditation Teacher training programs.


Brighter Life Health Foods: Our wheatfree site is here to help you find products and information to assist you into a wheat free world of healthy eating. Our products have been developed over 5 years and fully tested in a young and growing family environment. We use a variety of ingredients, including Rice flour, Whey formula, Potato flour and Tapioca starch which produce tasty and wholesome breads, muffins, pancakes and pikelets free of Wheat, Soya, Gluten and Yeast.

Willing Workers On Organic Farms

Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a form of cultural exchange in which WWOOFers live and work as family with host farms, and learn about the skills of organic growing and the area they are visiting. WWOOF Australia and their hosts make travelling in Australia easy, safe and more fun for
both Australian and Overseas Visitors.


Gecko - Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council Assoc. Inc. Gecko is the peak regional environment group, a non-profit, non-party-political, volunteer organisation. Mission Statement: "To actively promote, conserve and restore the natural environment of the Gold Coast region in partnership with our Member Groups and the wider community."

Solar Engineering Services - Solar air conditioning and water based spaced heating systems - design and installation. PV solar system installation. Bacterial cultures for anaerobic digesters and aerobic biological filters. Energy audits for home, businesses and organisations.


Organic herbs. Sonia Fletcher Brisbane Australia. Non-irradiated herbs.


STATIN DRUGS: Here is new web site set up by Anthony Culpo This guy really does his research and writes very well. This site is a good referral point to send on to people considering using these drugs.


The Power of Taruna Oils! Description: Taruna Oils offers therapeutic grade aromatherapy & essential oils for mind, body & spirit. Freshly cultivated and steam distilled, the
essential oils in Taruna Oil's collection are life-enhancing gifts from


Erle Montaigu's Tai Chi World The definitive site for authentic tai chi.


Medical news today We gather all the latest articles and reports related to health news, medical news, pharmaceutical news and biotechnology news and present them to an international audience of health professionals. (Type 'organic food' into search box.)
Social Sciences resources - directory of Social Sciences related websites.
Vitamin C: An historical review of the medical & scientific literature attesting to the efficacy of Ascorbate (Ascorbic Acid, Cevitamic Acid, Sodium Ascorbate etc. a.k.a. “Vitamin C”) in the treatment and prevention of human and animal ills, conditions and diseases.


Ricotta cheese


Ace Tennis Academy: Parkwood Gold Coast. Tennis coaching, certificate and diploma level. Phone 07 5597 5410


Franchise Business For Sale Business or Franchise. Business investing site specializing in franchise investments.

The Good Food Network – online French food store. Wide range of gourmet and traditional fine French foods available to buy online. French food gifts available!


Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.


Zen Business Search Engine - Sniffing out the world's best business web sites Business Search Engine - Sniffing out the world's best business web sites Business Search Engine - Sniffing out the world's best business web sites Business Search Engine - Sniffing out the world's best business web sites Business Search Engine - Sniffing out the world's best business web sites Business Search Engine - Sniffing out the world's best business web sites Business Search Engine - Sniffing out the world's best business web sites Business Search Engine - Sniffing out the world's best business web sites Business Search Engine - Sniffing out the world's best business web sites
Aardvark Business Search Engine, Business Directory & Business Forum
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