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Kim LeMoon Clara Angelyn Win Nitschke
Bill Hull Hwee-Kheng Tan See also 'raw milk'


Presenting Problem
"Undiagnosed Celiac Disease presenting as food allergies, bloating, gas, constipation, back pain, Rosacea, acne, other odd skin disruptions, irregular/heavy menstruation, PMS, depression/anxiety, forgetfulness.

I had digestive problems for as long as I can remember. Constipation and gas were the major symptoms through most of my childhood. In my early 30s, my symptoms escalated. I had a mild case of shingles and after that I got very sick. I became allergic to almost all food, except for simple proteins. My face was inflamed with Acne Rosacea. I had no energy, was easily overwhelmed, and easily startled."

"I tried the Body Ecology Diet because I had many symptoms of candidiasis. The diet was hard to follow, but it worked. In just a few months I felt well enough to begin to add food back into my diet. Little by little, I challenged my food allergies and was able to eat many foods again. It was through this process that I began to suspect that I had Celiac Disease. Foods containing gluten triggered a return of my digestive symptoms, usually within 10 minutes of consumption.

One of the recommendations of the Body Ecology Diet was to eat Kefir (and cultured vegetables). I got some Kefir grains and began to drink huge quantities each day. I craved it and often times would prefer it to all other foods (kefir fast). As I healed, my cravings subsided and I settled into a daily routine of about 3 cups of kefir for breakfast each day. This has remained my routine breakfast for over 4 years. After about a year of drinking Kefir, I started to eat a small amount of Kefir grains each day along with my drink. I saw another level of improvement in my health by doing this.

Initially, I tried using some supplements (digestive enzymes, probiotics, anti-fungals, etc.), but either I saw no improvement, or I would get unpleasant reactions. I decided to forget the costly supplements and just use Kefir as my main medicine.

I have spent nothing, except many hours researching my condition (hooray for the Internet!):
Body Ecology Diet book (lent from a friend). Kefir Grains (free). Doctors fees (none).

I am at least 80% recovered. With Kefir and a 100% gluten-free diet, I should continue to improve. Note: I do not have access to raw milk to make my Kefir. I use regular store bought whole milk."

Kim LeMoon Age: 38
Massage Therapist


Greetings. I'm still having great success with my Kefir. And to think I couldn't drink milk without the reaction of a bloating stomach for 60 years! Kefir has actually reduced bloating as well as calmed nerves, reversed insomnia pattern and taken away carbohydrate cravings. Been drinking it for a month now, noticed the benefits immediately. And... my morning kefir smoothies keep appetite stable all day... such a blessing, this healing drink! Health and blessings.

Clara Angelyn
Massage Therapist
Johnson City Texas USA
Email: insync@


I have been drinking kefir since I have received the kefir grains sometime in March / April this year, 2004. I think it really strengthens my immunity system. Despite people falling sick around me and sometime literally coughing in my face, I seem to be keeping the bugs at bay. The only time I was under the weather was recently, when I didn't have enough rest. However, once I gotten back my good night rest, I seem to recover pretty fast. I think all the goodness in the kefir must have helped.

Hwee-Kheng Tan


"I have recently found Kefir,and been drinking it for about 2-3 months. I am absolutely delighted with it.It has solved my digestive problems,my hair has become thicker,and I feel on a high quite often,because I feel so fit and well.I can highly recommend it, and I am passing some on to my friends."

Win Nitschke
New Zealand


"My name is Bill Hull. I aquired some Kefir grains from a contact on your list about six months ago. I have experienced some rather amazing healing events, and so have some of my family members. We keep a few Jersey cows on our farm here in East Tennessee. I am growing the kefir grains in whole raw creamy rich grass fed milk from our cow buttercup. They grow really fast. I have been storing them in the fridge, and even feeding them to our chickens, we had so much. I would be willing to share them with anyone who wants to pay for the postage and packing. I am not interested in making any money from them, as I feel that would be inviting some less than desirable Karma. Here is my contact info. If you need more, let me know."

"Dear Abby, As you have requested, here is a more detailed account of our experience of using Kefir with raw milk. First, let me say that I spent the first forty years of my life uninterested in the nature of what I ate, living on what is known as the "Standard American Diet", or SAD. About 5 years ago, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. After one or two chemo treatments, she said she'd rather die than go on with the treatment. Faced with the real possibility of losing her, I plunged headlong into an emergency study of alternative cancer therapies. What I discovered changed my life forever. I found that the conditions which cause cancer are dietary in nature, and can be reversed by changing the diet. We successfully treated my wife's cancer, and have assisted at least five other people that we know of in doing the same, including one who was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. None of the folks who have used this dietary therapy have had any further involvement with cancer.

Thus began my interest in all things dietary. Two years ago, we moved from California to East Tennessee, and bought a 67 acre farm so that we could produce our own food, including raising Jersey cows for fresh milk. It was during my internet research on the benefits of raw milk, that I discovered Kefir. I found a person in North Carolina through your web site, and traded her some grass fed butter for the Kefir grains. I began making Kefir with raw milk about six months ago, and have been consuming it daily since then, up to a quart or more a day. I have found that when it is made with raw milk, it is such a nutritionally complete package that the body's cravings for other foods greatly diminish.

About five months before starting on the Kefir, I developed a lump or mass on the left side of my face just under the skin, about the size of a large kernel of corn. It was very hard, but didn't seem to be getting bigger and wasn't painful, so I just kind of ignored it. Two months after starting regular Kefir use, The mass on my face began to swell up, distending my face visibly. I became alarmed, and decided to seek the advice of our doctor, after our visiting relatives returned to Nevada. The day before they left, the swollen area opened up and began to discharge a thick yellow-white liquid. It continued to swell and drain for about a week. The swelling finally stopped, and I discovered that the hard mass on my face was completely gone. I cannot prove so scientifically, but I believe that the Kefir detoxed my body, and built up my enzyme and immune systems to the point where my body was able to attack and remove the offending mass. Five months later, there is no sign that it ever existed. I have read of studies in Japan, where researchers discovered that Kefir has strong anti-tumor properties. I now believe that is true.

The relatives who were visiting us, took home some Kefir grains, and began to use them daily, after seeing what it did to the lump on my face. Our niece's husband, has been suffering from a severe skin rash on his thighs for about 7 years, which his doctor has been unable to treat successfully, using all the drugs known to modern medicine. It is caused by a fungal infestation. One month after they began to use Kefir regularly, He called our niece into their bedroom, so that she could see for herself that the rash was completely gone from his thighs. They called us to thank us for the gift of the Kefir, and to share the results.

I have gotten to the point where I am living primarily on Kefir. I do occasionally eat regular food, though I try to avoid enzyme depleted cooked food as much as possible, and largely avoid meat, since I have lost my appetite for it, and the raw Kefir supplies me with all the protien I need. I am monitoring my vital signs regularly, and have not found anything alarming. The only real change, has been a drop of about 10 percent in my blood pressure. That may well be from living on our farm, as much as from the Kefir! This year, the flu virus made it's rounds through our area, and I am the only person in our family who did not contract it. My wife drinks two cups of Kefir a day, and although she did get the flu, her symptoms were very mild and lasted about 24 hours.

I have not heard of anyone else who is primarily living on Kefir, as I am doing. I am doing it as a sort of experiment. If you know of anyone else who is doing so, please let me know, so we can compare notes. When made with fresh, cream rich raw milk, it seems to be a nearly perfect whole food. Lately, I have begun to include two or three raw eggs, which we get from our own chickens. I also add a couple of tablespoons of local raw honey. I call it Kefir Nog. Quite tasty. I would like to thank you for this web site. Without it, I might not have aquired the Kefir grains from someone who appreciates their value. I believe that like all living things, they respond to the mental atmosphere they live in, and are more potent when appreciated and cared for in a loving home environment."

Yours truly, Bill Hull 23/12/2005



Disclaimer: Please note that no health claims are made nor implied by any of the feedback or information on this website. All information is provided for informational purposes only.

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