Making sourdough bread is good for the soul
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Probiotic Beer
"My mates told me not to give away the recipe for Stinger but I decided to put it in the recipe book anyway."


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Real Aussie beer with a sting.


learn how make kefir, cheese, sauerkraut, kombucha, sourdough bread and cakes, ginger beer and EM,



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Abby Eagle

Abby Eagle

For 20 years I experimented with 'all the modern health food diets' but my health just deteriorated. Then I discovered the wisdom of traditional diets as researched by Dr Weston A Price. Since then my health has improved tremendously. Some of what I learned I put into this recipe book entitled: 'Learn How to Cook the Way Grandma Did'.

In this book you will learn how to use probiotic GoodBugs™ to bake bread, culture vegetables, make cheese and brew fancy ginger beer type recipes. You will also get some insights into how to use GoodBugs™ in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and garden.

lacto fermented recipes
...the way grandma did and make a positive move to improve your health

probiotic sauerkraut kim chi recipe Culture
- Delicious probiotic sauerkraut.
- Sauerkraut is not just fermented cabbage and you haven't tasted real sauerkraut until you've tasted Abby's.

raw milk kefir grains Make
- Kefir and simple cheese.
- A great source of nutrition and probiotics.
- Use raw milk or pasteurised milk.

sourdough starter culture and sourdough bread recipe Bake
- Sourdough bread and cakes.
- Even make sourdough Christmas cakes and puddings.
- Easy sourdough starter recipes.
- Smell the aroma of fresh baked bread.

probiotic ginger beer recipes Brew
- Refreshing probiotic ginger beer type beverages made with a probiotic starter culture that you can buy at your health food shop.
- Simple and easy to make.
- Low in alcohol - high in goodness.

home brew beer bottle brewed Get Abby's recipe for real beer.
- If you like beer then you will get off on the recipe for Stinger. It is a real beer made with organic ingredients: hops, papaya leaf, barley malt; uses a probiotic culture rather than just a yeast; is low in alcohol; is simple and easy to make; just brew it in the bottle - and is ready to drink in 5 days.

"Buy the recipe book today and turn your friends onto GoodBugs™"

lacto fermented recipes

lacto fermented recipes

sourdough bread recipe book BUY THE RECIPE BOOK NOW!

8"x10" paperback or pdf and kindle ebook versions available.

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sauerkraut recipe book Get more information before buying the recipe book.





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